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Being Human – S4E10 – Oh Don’t You Die for Me

Previously on Being Human, ‘Too Far, Fast-Forward!’

So much happened in this episode and I’m not sure I’m a fan of all that went down.


Even though he’s not happy about it, Josh is trying to accept that things are most likely over between him and Nora. He tries to make amends with Mark by taking him and Andrew out to the woods to show them how can wolf out at will. They’re so impressed they make him pack leader. He thinks he’s agreeing to show them how to live as werewolves, but they have something else in mind. Andrew and Caroline have bought a house out in the woods, a place where the whole pack can change in peace. Josh loses it when he realizes they invited regular humans to their weekend changeaway. The pack wants Josh to change and scratch the human volunteers. This will help them increase their numbers, increase their family. Josh tells them they either did a piss-poor job of explaining to those people what being a werewolf is like or they just invited a bunch of nut jobs. He refuses to do it and they gaze him and then lock him in a cage in the basement.

Being Human S4E10 Josh


Sally is acting super weird around Aidan because every time she looks at him, all she sees is their sexy time in another lifetime. She confesses her feelings to Nora while she’s over picking up some of her things. Their bonding is interrupted when Astrid, Kenny’s werewolf girlfriend, rushes in and tells them what’s happening to Josh.

Being Human S4E10 Nora


Susanna gives Aidan two months to get rid of his “son” Kenny, or she’ll be back to do it. Of course, this is a lie. She incapacitates Kenny and then texts Aidan from Kenny’s phone, asking for help.

Aidan, Sally, and Nora are attempting to free Josh when the werewolves return. Nora rushes Josh away, but Sally refuses to leave Aidan to fight them off alone. She takes turns possessing the werewolves and allowing Aidan to knock them all out. When she gets to the last one, a big black guy, she uses this opportunity to kiss Aidan and “make him remember.” Then she ghosts back home.

Being Human S4E10 Aidan

Aidan rushes to save Kenny, but when he sees the trap Susanna set, he kills her instead. He tells her she needs to forgive herself for killing their son. When Aidan gets home, he finds Sally is catatonic on the couch. Possessing werewolves isn’t good for her, but Nora explains that Sally did it because she’s in love with him. She tells him about what happened between Aidan and Sally in the “other” past. He vows that he will do anything for her.

Sally then wakes up in Lil Smokie’s room, calling out for Josh, Aidan, and Nora. Holy shit. I’d totally forgotten about Lil Smokie!

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