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Being Human – S4E11 – Ramona the Pest

Previously on Being Human, ‘Oh Don’t You Die For Me’

When last we saw Sally, she was in a creepy coma-like state after body jumping into werewolves to save Aidan’s ass. While she was out, Nora told Aidan about his relationship with Sally in their alternate past. This is clearly weighing heavily on his mind because he has a super dirty dream about Sally. Unfortunately for him, and Nora, Nora walks in and witnesses his morning wood.

Being Human S411 Sally and Aidan

Sally wakes up in a secret room in the house; it shares a wall with Nora and Josh’s bedroom. In it, she finds Lil Smokie, who’s really a ghost named Ramona. She wants Sally and Aidan to go talk to her sister (the adult Beatrice; they were twins) for her. Of course, this doesn’t go over well and Aidan is promptly tossed out of the woman’s place of business for being crazy cakes.

Later, Aidan learns that Kenny is going to leave town with Astrid. Things don’t work out when Astrid is forced by the wolf pack to help them gain entrance to the roommates’ house. They hold Nora at gunpoint while they try to break into Josh’s bedroom. Ramona has closed the door and won’t let Josh out to help. Angry, he wolfs out and she finally opens the door. When Aidan and Sally get home, they find that Josh killed all the wolves, including Astrid.

Being Human S4E11 Josh Nora Sally and Aidan

While Sally and Nora take Josh into the woods so that Sally can use magic to help Josh come to terms with his inner-wolf once and for all, Aidan calls Kenny to get his help in cleaning up the bodies. He’s hidden Astrid’s body upstairs and tells Kenny that the pack killed her elsewhere when she tried to tell them she was leaving with him. Kenny is distraught, but cleans up the mess and thanks Aidan. While Aidan disposes of Astrid’s body in the secret room, Ramona watches with a creepy smile on her face. Astrid’s ghost comes to Kenny and tells him what really happened. That’s not good.

Oh, did I mention that Sally’s father has sold the house and they have one week to get out?

S4E11 Sallys  Dad

“You ain’t gotta go home, but you gotta get the hell outta here.”

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