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Being Human – S4E12 – House Hunting

Previously on Being Human, ‘Ramona the Pest’

In this episode, Ramona is still a pest.

Being Human S4E12 Ramona

After the gang decides to go their separate ways – Josh and Nora have found a place where they can start their lives as true newlyweds and Aidan asks Sally to move in with him in the trailer in the woods – Ramona the ghost decides she’s not about that solitary life. She begs them to stay since they are the only people who can see her. Aidan promises that he’ll figure out a way for them to all be together and help Ramona.

Beatrice, Ramona’s sister, picks the wrong time to stop by. She tells the group how her parents were crazy cult members who made a deal with a demon. They kept Ramona locked away in that secret room and then sacrificed her in a ritual when they were ten. When Beatrice sees Ramona, Ramona blames her for leaving her and letting their parents kill her. She uses some crazy ghost power to kill Beatrice.

Being Human S4E12 Aidan Sally Nora and Josh

Our gang tries to get the fuck up outta there, but when they leave through the front door they are each transported to a different room in the house where they encounter people who can’t possibly be there. Nora is locked in her bedroom with Josh’s sister Emily, who is drinking and trying to turn Nora against Josh. Sally finds Aidan’s ex, Kat, in their bathroom and she tells Sally that Aidan doesn’t really care about her. Josh sees his ex, who died a few seasons ago, in the kitchen and she tries to convince him to stab himself and free Nora from the pain he brings her. And Aidan is trapped in the basement with Henry, who also wants Aidan to stab himself. Sally figures out that this is Ramona’s work and confronts her. She learns that Ramona isn’t a ghost – she IS the house and the house enjoys all the carnage and bloodshed these particular tenants have given it so they can’t leave.

Being Human S4E12 Aidan and Henry

Sally manages to talk all of her friends back from the brink by convincing them it’s all a trick, but when Kenny arrives to confront Aidan over Astrid, their fight ends with Kenny getting staked. Kenny’s last words to Aidan are that Sally is gone and it’s all Josh’s fault. Distraught, Aidan yells at Josh and Sally recognizes this as the moment in the future she saw where Aidan breaks Josh’s neck. She yells for him to stop just before he reaches for Josh’s neck.

Being Human S4E12 Sally and Aidan

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