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Being Human – S4E13 – There Goes the Neighborhood, Part III

Previously on Being Human, ‘House Hunting’

A whole lot happened in the series finale of Being Human, and while they didn’t do a very good job of explaining how or why these things happened, it was still an enjoyable and heartbreaking farewell.

Before Aidan can snap Josh’s neck, time freezes. Sally realizes this is all Ramona’s doing and unleashes a horrible scream which teleports her, Josh, and Nora into the basement. As Aidan tries to break down the door, Sally seals it with magic and explains that she’s seen this murder happen before. She wants to use magic to stop it even though Josh and Nora tell her the risk is too great. Not to Sally, it isn’t. She transfers her life energy (I guess?) into Aidan which turns him human – a living, breathing human with a heartbeat. Sally lasts long enough to tell Nora she’ll be watching all the beautiful moments (of parenthood) and that Nora will be so good at it. She tells Josh goodbye, Aidan that she loves him, and then she evaporates.

They leave the house to Ramona with Josh and Nora moving back to her old apartment and Aidan living in the trailer in the woods.


Being Human S4E13 Aidan Nora and Josh

After a brief, but hilarious, stretch of eating everything in sight, the weight of being human starts to press on Aidan.

Being Human S4E13 Aidan

He drinks a lot and cries even more. A checkup at the hospital reveals that Aidan is dying. His 200-year-old heart is catching up to him and he has a week, maybe. He briefly flirts with having a vampire turn him, but Josh puts a stop to that explaining that what Aidan is feeling isn’t cowardice or weakness, it’s called being human.

When Ramona murders a construction worker renovating their old house, Aidan decides to put a stop to her once and for all. He has to be the one to do it because he’s dying anyway and Josh and Nora have too much to live for. Ramona won’t go easily, however, and knocks Aidan down the stairs where he lands in the same spot Sally did the night she died the first time. He lights the house on fire, with him inside and gives his life to save his friends. Nora and Josh arrive as his body is being loaded into an ambulance, but they are shocked and happy to find his ghost inside. Josh wonders if Aidan is going to come haunt them at their new place, but it’s not to be. Aidan’s door appears. He enters it to find Sally waiting for him. Nora and Josh watch tearfully as the two kiss and fade away.

Being Human S4E13 Sally and Aidan kiss

Josh and Nora awake from a nap in a field. They both dreamed of the four friends living in the house, happy and together. Nora believes it’s really Aidan and Sally visiting them. Their happy moment is interrupted as their twin toddlers, Aidan and Sally, are awake as well and want to play.

Being Human S4E13 Nora and Baby Sally Josh

This was a satisfying finale even if it did make me ugly cry. We never get a clear explanation as to how Sally saved/turned Aidan, but that’s okay. The four friends ended up in the best possible place under the circumstances. Sally and Aidan were never going to be together in life as they were, but now they can be together forever in the afterlife. Josh will finally, hopefully, have that normal life that prompted him to start the experiment of “being human” to begin with. Well done, Being Human. Well done.


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