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Being Human – S4E2 – That Time of the Month

Previously on Being HumanOld Dogs, New Tricks

Aidan is in shock, but invites Susanna into the house. She can’t come in though because vampire! They go for a walk instead. Sally talks to Wolf Josh and once her mojo kicks in, he becomes agitated. Nora tells Sally to back off. She’s out of hope. Sally’s magic scares her because it’s Donna’s magic and the magic that got Josh into the situation he’s in. Sally thinks she can help Josh.

Susanna tells Aidan that Bishop pulled her body from the water and turned her. He was going to teach her how to be a vampire so she can be with Aidan. Of course, we know that’s bullshit.

Being Human US S4E2 Bishop and Susanna

Sally uses scary magic to find big spell book.

Susanna tells Aidan that their son died a grandfather. Awwww. Sally interrupts, excited that she has a big spell book to help Josh. She kinda disses Susanna before realizing Susanna can see her. Before Aidan can object, Sally disappears with the book, back to the wood.

Sally pitches her plan to use Donna’s magic, her new magic, and the book to bring Josh back. Aidan ain’t about that life. Turns out, Sally will harness the power of the waning moon to dispel the magic that is keeping Josh in his wolf form. Oh, and she needs the blood of someone on her period. And Nora is on her period. We know this because Aidan can smell it. The spell produces a big ass knife, which they use to stab Josh in the heart. It doesn’t work and poor Wolf Josh is lying there dead. Sally disappears and they run off to search for her. They’re not gonna find her because she has traveled back in time and is at the house watching Aidan and Josh argue over cleaning the house they just moved into.

Being Human S4E2 Aidan and Nora with Wolf Josh

While Aidan mourns over the dead wolf, Josh’s hand pushes through its mouth. Panicked, Aidan uses the knife to cut it open and he and Nora pull him out. At home, Nora just wants things back to normal, but Josh is acting weird. Sally finally reappears and she’s worried that they pulled Josh out before she finished the spell. Nora tells her to calm down because she was right, Josh is back, and that’s all that matters.

Aidan tracks down Susanna to a hotel room and she invites him in, but he doesn’t notice the wooden cross stake she’s holding behind her back. That can’t be good. She explains why she stayed away so long and why she’s back now. Aidan wonders how they’re going to live in the same city together. She wants to leave the past in the past and then sends him home where he finds Cat in his bed. She thinks he’s about to break up with her, but instead he confesses that he loves her and then they have sex.

As Susanna flashes back to her first kill, in present day she flogs herself. We see that her first kill was her son with Aidan, Isaac. She pleads with Bishop to turn Isaac, but he won’t do that to a child. You know, cause he apparently has his evil limits. Bishop convinces her that she should keep away from Aidan, never to tell him what happened to their son to spare him from feeling what she’s feeling now. That slick bastard.

Sally tries to connect with Josh, asking if he would tell her if there’s something wrong. He skirts the question, but thanks her for bringing him back. She says he saved her first. After she’s gone, Josh tries to sleep, but he can’t. He opens the window for fresh air and then looks at himself in the mirror.

Being Human S4E2 Josh at Window

Holy hell. Human Josh has creepy wolf eyes!

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