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Being Human – S4E3 – Lil’ Smokie

Previously on Being Human, ‘That Time of the Month’

Sally’s dreaming about when she died except instead of getting tossed down the stairs, Donna shows up and kills her fiancé. She wakes up at the kitchen table where she fell asleep studying the mysterious book she found. Ghosts sleep? Well, let’s go with daydreaming. Anyway, she thinks it’s a manual that can help her figure out what she is now, if only the spells would stay put. They keep disappearing and getting replaced by new spells. Aidan wants her to get rid of it, but Sally refuses.

It’s Josh’s first day at work and Aidan is filling him in on all the lies they told to explain his absence: mom has cancer and sister is in rehab. Well, that second one is true. She didn’t take to well to the whole “your brother is a werewolf” thing. Also, I love that Josh points out that they are the worst nurses ever. He thanks God for the nurses shortage in this country.

A Sapp & Sons truck pulls up at the hospital and Aidan goes to have “a talk” with the vampires, but he ends up getting snatched and delivered to Kenny, who explains that he’s in charge now, but didn’t want Aidan to find out like that.

Meanwhile, at work, Josh’s super wolf senses are kicking in and every smell and sound drives him crazy. He does manage to help save a dying man, so there’s that. At home, Sally comes across a spell to bring back her door, but of course it starts to disappear from the page. She tries to perform it before it vanishes completely and ends up bringing Donna back instead. Oh, Sally.

So, of course Donna manipulated the spell in the book since she paid for it with her life. She wants Sally to come home, but Sally ain’t about that afterlife. She causes them and the book to burst into flames. Donna and the book disappear, but Sally is left with the words and symbols from the book under skin and on her eyeballs.

Sally tells Nora what happened and how she can now remember every spell in the book. Nora’s a bit sad (and offended) that Sally was looking to call her door. Sally doesn’t want to roam the streets the Boston 100 years from now when the house and everyone else is gone. Good point, Sally. They also bond over the fact that they were once abused women. Nora tells Sally that she would have eventually gotten out if she had more time.

Kenny shows Aidan around his new club and wants to prove he’s not a monster. He wants Aidan to help him run the town, but Aidan wants no parts of that. Later, Kenny feeds on a girl in the club and compels her to forget that his face is actually quite hideous.

Being Human S4E3 Aidan and Kenny

Josh has another wolf sense attack and has to run outside to pull it together. While Josh goes for a run, his wolf tendencies kick in and he scares the shit out of another jogger with his crazy wolf eyes and heavy breathing.

Being Human S4E3 Josh Running

At home, he tells Nora he’s going for another run because it’s the only thing that helps. But he won’t tell her what it helps with. Nora confides in Sally. She’s been trying to redecorate to pretend everything is okay. She knows his wolf is there under the surface. Sally offers to heal Nora’s stomach scars.

While out on a nighttime run down deserted creepy streets – as one does – Josh is attacked by two vampires, but they quickly run off when Josh goes all Wolfman. Aidan meets him in the alley and Josh explains what happened and Aidan is appropriately freaked out. When Aidan questions Kenny about it, he admits that he sent the vampires to kill Josh.

Sally and Nora are mixing up some kind of cream to cure Nora’s burn scars. She applies it, wraps her stomach, and Sally recites the spell. Before Nora can remove the bandages, Sally disappears. She goes back to the house in the ’70s and there’s a party going on. The girl she saw being sacrificed in a ritual is walking around offering the guests lil’ smokies. Sally wants to know her name and what happened to her in their house, but the girl can’t see or hear her. Later, Nora tells Josh that he can’t just run off and not tell her what’s going on. She says they will deal with his wolf together. He goes to the hospital and apologizes to a doctor he freaked out before and then quits.

Sally’s spell worked and Nora’s scars are gone! Sally admits that she keeps seeing the little girl when she leaves and Nora tells her she doesn’t have to do magic again for anyone. The wallpaper in Nora’s bedroom starts peeling off – again! – and the words “Don’t leave me!” appear on the wall. Nora can’t see them, but Sally realizes it’s a message from the little girl. Disappearing isn’t a punishment. She’s supposed to help. Oh, Sally. You know it’s never that easy.

Being Human S4E3 Sally and Nora

Kenny admits that he thought if Josh were out of the way, Aidan would let him in. Then he reveals that he can control what people see, including vampires. He lets Aidan see his true face. He says it takes feeding 4-5 times what a normal vampire does just to keep it up. He won’t compel Aidan to join him because if it’s not real, what’s the point? True dat, Kenny. Kenny gets a call and he and Aidan rush to the club where they find it trashed and one of his vampires staked. They review the surveillance footage and see a hooded figure fucking shit up in the club. They get a good look at the person and it’s Aidan’s wife, Susanna!


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