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Being Human – S4E4 – Panic Womb

Previously on Being Human, ‘Lil’ Smokie’

Josh is still working out like a mad wolf man, but assures Nora that he has a handle on things. I quite enjoy seeing Josh all sweaty and shirtless so if this is the way he handles it. Do you, boo. Do you.

Aidan’s having a mega wet dream of getting it on with vampire Kat, but Kenny interrupts it because he thinks the mysterious vampire killer will target Aidan next. Aidan just wants Kenny to slow his roll and tell him how the hell he got into the house uninvited. Kenny came through Aidan’s bedroom window and doesn’t need an invite since he was “born” in that house. Huh. Learn something new every day. Aidan tells Kenny he’ll be fine and insists that Kenny leave through the front door. This means encountering Josh and Nora in the kitchen and they are the exact opposite of happy that Kenny is not only in their house, but still alive. Aidan admits that he couldn’t kill “his son,” but it’s okay because Kenny seeks forgiveness. He’s changed! Note: Kenny does not drop the glamour that makes it so that they can see his real face. Nora agrees to give Kenny a second chance. After all, Josh wasn’t himself when he scratched her. Kenny wants to handshake it out with Josh, but Josh chooses to jog it out instead. Baby steps, Kenny. Baby steps.

Being Human S4E4 Panic Womb

Sally goes to Zoe for help tracking down Lil Smokie because, you know, Sally hasn’t ruined this poor girl’s life enough. Zoe agrees just to get Sally to shut the hell up.

Being Human S4E4 Zoe and Sally

While out on his job, Josh sniffs out (literally) a pregnant woman on a bench. After doing a poor job of reassuring her that he’s not some panting freak, he leads with, “I know you’re a wolf. I’m a wolf, too!” Turns out Caroline (pregnant wolf mama) was turned while glamping with her husband. Just when I thought I’d found a form of camping I’d like to try! Anyway, her husband was turned, too. She’s 3 months pregnant, but looks 10 months. Josh convinces her to see Nora.

Kat comes over to plan vacation with Aidan, but he’s in a rush to visit Susannah. Of course, he doesn’t tell her this. He says he has to work a double-shift at the hospital. Zoe helps Sally locate Lil Smokie’s parents in Brookline, but Sally is shocked when Lil Smokie answers the door! They ask for Beatrice (Lil Smokie’s real name) and the girl calls out for her mom. WHAT?

Aidan confronts Susannah and she confesses that she’s a vampire hunter.

Kat and Aidan are finally planning this two week vacation and it’s not going well. Kat accuses him of not really wanting to go. He tries to convince her that he does.

Being Human S4E4 Kat and Aidan

You know what else isn’t going well? The ultrasound that Nora and Josh convince Caroline to have. Her husband thinks they’re suspect and everyone freaks when they spot baby claws on the monitor.

You know what else isn’t going well? Zoe’s interview with Beatrice, the grown-up Lil Smokie. Zoe is pretending to be from some historical census something or other, but her questions lead nowhere and Sally being a panicked and annoying voice in her ear isn’t helping either. They leave and notice Beatrice’s daughter staring at them from the window. Creep-y.

Aidan asks for Nora’s help. He wants her to memorize this entire fake background he’s created so he can present it to Kat as their relationship advances. He really cares for her so more lying is obviously the way to go!

Being Human S4E4 Nora and Aidan

Caroline and her husband show up at the house and she’s in labor. Nora coaches her through labor and she delivers a baby girl wolf pup, but the baby turns human when Caroline nurses it. Awwww. Right? Awwww. Not ewww. Right?

Aidan warns Susannah to get out of town after he told Kenny he knew who killed the vamps. Susannah realizes that Aidan is in love with Kat and warns him that he needs to leave her alone before he gets her killed or kills her.

Zoe is a lesbian! She didn’t tell Sally because Sally pretty much ruins everything she knows about. Also? She only helped Sally to protect Beatrice and her family from Sally. Well damn.

Aidan confesses to Kat that he’s a vampire and she laughs in his face.

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