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Being Human – S4E5 – Pack It Up Pack It In

Previously on Being Human, ‘Panic Womb’

This episode opened with one of the best scenes in the series’ history. Aidan tries to convince Kat that he is a vampire after she laughs in his face, and then thinks that he may be mentally ill. It isn’t until she can’t hear a heart beat and find his pulse that she starts to freak out. Then he does the vamp eyes and she faints. What follows is a beautiful and realistic depiction of what it’s like for a couple when dealing with the lies between them. There are quick cuts as Kat asks how many people he has killed and who else knows about it. Aidan remains honest and apologetic, giving Kat whatever she needs to get through it, including leaving when asked even though it breaks his non-beating heart. And Sam Witwer plays it all beautifully.

Nora and Josh visit Caroline, Andrew, and their new baby. They meet Mark and Wendy, another werewolf couple. Josh doesn’t take to Mark’s alpha male attitude and Nora ends up offering to throw Caroline a baby shower.

Two week’s later, it’s baby shower time and Aidan still hasn’t heard from Kat. He goes for a walk while the shower is going on and runs into Kenny, who misses him. Emily, Josh’s sister, shows up just a week and a half out of rehab. She agrees to stay for the shower.

Being Human S4E5 Emily Josh and Sally

The baby shower turns into a pack frat party when Mark and Wendy show up with cases of beer and more werecouples. Josh warns Andrew that joining a pack is bad news, but Andrew just wants to feel safe and have a community for his new daughter. Josh and Mark argue over the threat of vampires when Aidan and Kenny walk in. AWK-WARD. Things get even more awkward when Aidan and Kenny start busting moves and dropping beats.

Emily struggles to maintain her sobriety at a shower that has now turned into the worst frat party ever. Sally tries to perform a spell so that Emily can see and hear her and talk her out of drinking, but it doesn’t work. It does send Sally back to the ’20s where she witnesses Aidan kill two innocent women while singing and really enjoying it. When she zaps back to the present, she tries to tell a drunk Aidan what happened but he just wants to “get with her.”

Being Human S4E5 Aidan

The party comes to a sudden and violent end when Emily sees Kenny’s true face and freaks out. The wolves think he was attacking her and a fight breaks out. Aidan and Kenny kick some werebutt and leave, but the whole thing just proves Mark’s point about vampires to Caroline and Andrew.

Being Human S4E5 Party

Later, Josh realizes that it was Sally’s spell gone wrong that made Emily see Kenny’s true face. Emily leaves for more rehab, but assures Josh she will be okay. Nora wonders if belonging to a pack might not be a good thing. To have a family. But Josh points out that they have a family. Still, they join the pack the next night to turn together.

Kenny has a girlfriend – Astrid, a pretty werewolf he met at the party – and stops by Aidan’s to take him up on Aidan’s request that Kenny remove Kat from his mind. Aidan turns him down saying that his break with Kat was the most human breakup he’s had – no one died or disappeared – and that he just need to go through the pain. Later, Sally tells him about what she saw in the ’20s. Aidan apologizes and Sally reminds him that he’s a good man and should stay that way.

This was definitely the best episode of the season so far, and probably one of the best of the entire series. What did you think?

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