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Being Human – S4E6 – Cheater of the Pack

Previously on Being Human, ‘Pack it Up, Pack It In’

Josh wakes up with a blonde who’s not Nora. It’s Wendy. AWK-WARD.

Sally’s brother, Robbie, has big bad news: He’s selling the house.

Being Human US S4E6 Robbie

Susanna appears again. She knows all about Kat being gone. She allows Aidan to drown his sorrows at her bar and listens as he counsels Josh to keep his secret from Nora for the good of their marriage. This causes her to think about the secret she’s keeping: She ate their son. Later, after Susanna compels two drunk idiots to go home, she and Aidan have sex on the bar. Don’t worry. Whiskey makes a great disinfectant.

Being Human US S4E6 Susanna and Aidan

Sally sabotages a viewing of the house by casting a stink spell. She time jumps to the day she and Danny moved into the house and overhears a moment between the two. Then she watches as she chose her fiancé over her brother. Even though Sally remains in the past, weird things are still happening around the house causing potential buyers to flee. Robbie almost loses his hand when the trash compactor turns on suddenly, and later he dies as a series of Final Destination style of events end with him being electrocuted.

Josh wants Wendy to never mention what their wolves did. She reluctantly agrees, but says that Josh will eventually have to come to terms with what his wolf wants. Apparently, Wendy’s word to Josh doesn’t mean shit in comparison to the promise she made her husband because they both show up at the house with Mark swinging elbows. During the fight, the truth comes out and Mark sends Nora flying across the room. This makes Josh go all wolf man and he comes thisclose to killing Mark before Nora makes him stop. Later, she seems more upset that he’s an out of control half wolf than the fact that he slept with Wendy. Honestly, I can’t understand why she is that upset with him.

Being Human S4E6 Josh

Aidan goes on a blood bender and kills a pretty redhead in his bedroom. He calls Kenny for help. Sally finally returns from the past to see her brother’s ghost staring over his dead body.

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