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Being Human – S4E7 – Gallows Humor

Previously on Being Human, ‘Cheater of the Pack’

Busy week so this is going up later than usual. I’m still super sad over the news that Syfy has cancelled this show. Season 4 will be its last. Let’s see how they wrap it all up: 

Aidan turned to Kenny to help clean up the mess he made when he killed the woman in his bed. Robbie gets a crash course on the supernatural, including the fact that Nora and Josh are werewolves and Aidan is a vampire.

Being Human S4E6 Dead Robbie

Sally decides she’s going to use her new powers to bring her brother back. This means summoning Donna. She snatches Donna from her death spot and they’re both transported back to the colonial days where Donna was hanged for being a witch. They watch as a coven of witches sacrifice a young girl to bring Donna back from the dead. It’s all for nothing though because Robbie decides to be a ghost after all. Sally returns Donna to her death spot, but can’t make the promise to never use their magic again.

Being Human S4E6 Donna and Sally

Aidan goes to Susanna for blood and gets poisoned for his troubles. She’s going to dry him out. Withdrawals for vampires suuuuck. She makes him talk about the woman he killed while chained to a sink. Aidan remains defiant through the whole process and it seems he can’t be saved until he breaks down and begs for her forgiveness. She unlocks one of his handcuffs and then confesses that her first kill was their son, Isaac. Aidan’s rage turns to sorrow as he goes from about to stake her to kissing her head and crying.

Being Human S4E6 Aidan

Josh gets in bed with Nora for a little kissing and making up, but when she tells him to stop and go back to sleeping on the couch, he doesn’t listen and wolfs out. She finally pushes him off and threatens him with a knife before he apologizes and flees the room.

After sending Donna back, Sally is transported back in time to the night she died. She tries to warn her past self, but of course she can’t hear her.


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