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Being Human – S4E8 – Rewind, Rewind

Previously on Being Human, ‘Gallows Humor’

This episode was so damn good. So.Damn.Good.

Sally was stuck in the past, watching herself go through being abused by Danny. This time, she decides to change it. She takes over her own body. And, boy, does she change everything. She kicks Danny’s ass, buys out his half of the house, and convinces Aidan and Josh that she’s from the future. They move into her house and things are going very well. Until Danny kills Sally’s best friend Bridget, who was dating Danny after Sally dumped him.

While she grieves, Aidan tries to convince her that coming back to change things was a good thing. At least for him. She’s been able to warn him about falling back in with Marcus and Bishop. She’s made him feel. And then I finally get what I’ve been wanting since episode 1: Sally and Aidan hook up!

Being Human S4E8 Rewind Rewind

Of course, she wants everyone to be as happy as she and Aidan are, so after a few months, she pulls a little match-making and invites Nora over for dinner. Josh and Nora seem like they’re on the matrimonial path they followed in the other reality. All is right the world, huh? Nope. Sally interrupts a soon-to-be sex session between the two at the hospital. Good thing, that, because the moon was on its way. Sally hustles Josh into the basement to change while trying to keep Nora back. She gets him into his room in the nick of time, but not before getting scratched on the thigh. Oh, Sally.

To her credit, Sally takes the werewolf thing in stride. Her life is still better than it was because at least she’s alive. Josh feels guilty and it doesn’t help matters that he’s lost Nora to another guy at the hospital. He’s particularly vulnerable to Ray’s charms and he alienates Aidan by warning him that Sally may be doing more harm than good in their lives.

Aidan and Sally profess their love for one another just before she’s about to head into the woods to change. And I died. I just died of shipping overload. *sigh*

The happy group of friends break up for good as Josh gets in deeper with Ray, despite Sally’s warnings. He moves out and when Aidan suggests that maybe that was for the best, Sally realizes that their being together wasn’t meant to be. Aidan was never meant to be the kind of guy who gave up on Josh. Their breakup drives Aidan straight to Bishop’s group where he drunkenly feeds on women in a bar.

Ray convinces Josh to take their fight to the vampires and are waiting outside the bar, but so is Sally who has been following Aidan. There’s a brawl between Josh, Marcus, Ray and Aidan, and in the chaos, Sally gets thrown to the ground where she hits her head on the pavement. Josh and Ray take off, and Sally dies after telling Aidan that she loves and forgives him.

Being Human S4E8 Sally and Ray

Oh, man. I really loved this. And not just because it gave me the Sally/Aidan relationship I’ve been wanting, but it was so beautifully done. The camera jumping and changing focus to close-ups of hands during conversations gave it a documentary feel. Scenes where a decision is made that changes the timeline are ended with frozen frames and a sepia overlay which drives home just how significant the change will be. And the acting! My goodness. I don’t know if they knew while filming that this season was going to be the last, or that it was highly likely, but they have been putting in their best work in these last few episodes. Almost as if they knew it would be their last chance to do so.

In the end, our beloved trio end up right where they started in the other universe: Sally is dead, Aidan is off the wagon and in Bishop’s clutches, and Josh is conflicted and trusting of Ray. However, what they don’t have this time is each other. And that sucks.

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