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Being Human – S4E9 – Too Far, Fast-Forward!

Previously on Being Human, ‘Rewind, Rewind…”

This episode certainly got timey-wimey. I’m hoping I can keep up.

it picks up where last week’s episode ended: Sally is dead in an alley and Aidan is in tears, cradling her body. She tells him it’s okay to let her go; that’s not her anymore. He covers her with his jacket and then makes her leave when Bishop arrives. After a shouting match, the two head off looking for revenge.

They find it when they catch up with Ray and Josh arguing over what happened. Sally appears and begs Aidan not to hurt Josh. He doesn’t, but he does kill Ray and then convinces Bishop they should leave Josh with his guilt, which is punishment enough for what happened to Sally. He also notes that he killed Josh’s maker, which erases any chance Josh had of freeing himself from the curse.

A year has past and Aidan is in full douche-bag mode, working with Bishop to steal blood and bodies from the hospital since the super-flu that kills their kind is in full effect. Nora watches as they load a body into Bishop’s van, but doesn’t say anything. It turns out that she and Aidan have an agreement: She turns a blind eye to his stealing blood and what he is, and he won’t tell anyone that she’s been stealing pain meds from the hospital – it seems she had a back injury that led to her getting hooked on Oxy.

Being Human S4E9 Aidan and Bishop

Josh is now living outside of Boston, working in a pie shop, and wearing a silly hat. Sally is there, trying to talk him into dating again, but he’s not interested. She wants to find Alana, the medium who led her to Donna, so they can try to sling her into the future. Josh tells her things weren’t meant to be. Things between Bishop and Aidan aren’t perfect; especially when Aidan admits to stealing Bishop’s blood stash and selling it to vampires on the street. Bishop doesn’t punish Aidan, choosing instead to maim a vampire who had been skimming off the top.

Alana arrives at the pie shop and Josh begs her to help him find Donna. She senses something isn’t right and pulls Sally out of him. Josh is pissed – rightfully so – that Sally took advantage of him and Alana swears she wants nothing to do with any of it and leaves. When a vampire enters the pie shop, Josh wipes Sally away before she can warn him of what she is and how she’s infected. Later, after he kills the vampire, Josh has a flashback of sitting around the kitchen table with Nora and Sally. Sally explains that some of her memories are now implanted in him since the possession.

Being Human S4E9 Josh

Sally goes to Aidan to tell him how he can protect himself against the super flu: Josh’s blood. After he helps Aidan, Josh goes to visit Nora at the hospital and learns that her life is pretty awful. Drugs aside, she’s also getting divorced because her husband is a serial cheater. Josh has another memory of their wedding day and it’s so sweet and heartbreaking.

Aidan drinks with Bishop and then goes home. Sally and Josh think he’s going to leave with them, but he’s staying. Bishop is infected, and now Aidan has everything he’s ever wanted. Later, Aidan denies poisoning a dying Bishop, but Bishop isn’t fooled. He tells Aidan that he’s a worthy son. This leads Aidan back to Sally and Josh at the pie shop. He apologizes to Sally and then she’s yanked away to Donna.

Donna agrees to help Sally launch into the future, but before she goes, Aidan makes her promise to remind him of what they had if he doesn’t remember.

Being Human S4E9 Sally

At first, she’s launched past where she wants to go and witnesses Aidan snapping Josh’s neck in their living room. When she gets to the right point in time, she finds Aidan and Josh watching as her brother’s body is being loaded into an ambulance. She’d been gone all night and the roommates didn’t know what else to do. Sally is further saddened when she realizes that Aidan doesn’t remember what happened between them. And then she gets frightened as she realizes she’ll need to stop him from killing Josh in the future.

This show is just getting better. So sad it’s the final season.

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