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Being Human (UK) – S5E1 – The Trinity

Being Human S5E1 Featured Image

Northern France, 1918

Vampire Hal is asleep in a castle when he’s attacked by a woman, Lady Catherine. She’s a werewolf who snuck away from her camp of wolves to assassinate him. He planned for this and after the two fight for a bit, he convinces her that they are being distracted by something that is a true threat to them both.

Hal and Lady Catherine

On the Memory of Eve

In present day, Hal is still tied a chair and being spoon fed mashed bananas by Tom. Alex is trying to adjust to her afterlife as a ghost, and lamenting the loss of being able to smell foods and eat chocolate. Hal swears on the memory of baby Eve that the bloodlust is gone and that his werewolf and ghost roommates can untie him. He really, really wants to set about cleaning up the house, which is a total wreck. His OCD is working overtime just looking at it.

Being Human S5E1 Hal

Once he’s released, he cleans the house and makes a list of chores divided up between the three. When he sits down to explain the list to the others, he learns that Alex is set on getting her body back to her family to give them closure. She’s convinced that’s how she’ll be able to pass on. Hal thinks that’s a horrible idea and will open them all up to unwanted scrutiny. Hal is then disappointed to learn that while he was tied up, he and Tom were fired from their jobs at the shop.

Another Old One

Dominic Rook, the man who took Alex’s body at the end of the last season, is holding a little girl vampire in a room. She’s the last of the old ones so he’s convinced she’s up to something. She drops the bomb that she is not the last of the old ones; there’s also Hal. He agrees to transport her to Bolivia in exchange for everything she knows about Hal.

Being Human Rook

The Office

Ian Cram is having a rough day at work. His co-workers all went out to the pub without him the night before, and no one has signed up for his Five-A-Side team. Then he finds out his job is being reviewed and he’ll have to reapply for the job he already has. It seems quite obvious his boss is looking to fill the position with his nephew. You immediately feel bad for poor Ian.

It’s Getting Hot In Here

Alex accompanies Tom and Hal on a job interview at a hotel where Hal grabs the attention of the woman in charge. She’s all flustered by him, even as she escorts Tom into another room for his interview. There’s an older gentleman at a dining table, a regular, who’s being extremely rude and cussing at the staff.

While Alex wanders around the place, Rook approaches Hal with a proposition: take control of the vampires and they’ll provide him with a place to live, money, and an unlimited supply of consensual blood. Hal refuses, and Rook tells him that vampires trying to live the human life never end well. He also tells Hal that the hotel he’s in has seen 37 suicides in as many years. It may not be the work of vampires or werewolves, but should Hal get the job, he might want to keep an eye out. Hal questions Rook on the whereabouts of Alex’s body, but Rook says he can’t recall. He leaves Hal with a way to contact him and a flask of blood. Hal hides both when Alex and Tom return.

Alex makes a joke about the manager’s infatuation with Hal – “Anyone else fast forwarding to when her ghost is living in the house with us?” – and the two argue over whether or not he’s responsible for Alex’s death. She says that Hal shouldn’t be walking around in a suit, being all charming. He should have a sign, and a bell, and be living a cage. I’m thinking she wants the sign to read, ‘I’m a vampire and I’ll probably be your downfall.’

Ian’s Very Bad Day Gets Worse

Hal storms out the hotel and bumps into Ian, who’s storming down the street, pissed off about the events at his job. Ian falls to the ground and hits his face on the pavement. Hal curses and continues on. Fed up, and not going to take it anymore, Ian chases after Hal. When Hal sees Ian’s bloody face, his vampire features come out, prompting Ian to haul ass up the street.


Hal Being Human S5


Hal runs after him, trying to apologize, but Ian ain’t about that life. Ian runs into the street and gets hit by car. The driver takes off. Hal is about to lick some of Ian’s blood off his fingers when Ian murmurs, “Help me.”

Being Human S5E1 Hal Blood

Back in 1918

Hal and Lady Catherine meet with a ghost, Emil, to explain that they believe the energy generated by the conflict by the werewolves and vampires is feeding the devil, giving him power. If it continues, they fear it will bring about the apocalypse. They want to seal their cease fire with magic.

Being Human The Trinity

Vampire Ian

Ian awakes in a room as a vampire. Hal is about to enter the room when Alex and Tom show up. He distracts them by admitting that Rook approached him with a job. He gives them the address Rook gave him as a start to find Alex’s body. While they’re gone, Hal explains Ian’s new life to him and ties him up to stop him from leaving and hurting anyone.

Tom and Alex break into the facility where Rook was holding the little girl vampire. Alex finds a file with her name on it and learns that her ‘carcass’ was returned to her family already.

Bad News For Rook

Rook is informed that his department is being disbanded. It’s clandestine and very expensive. Rook is enraged. He’s worried that the ‘monsters’ they’ve been holding will run wild without their supervision.

Alex and Tom arrive at the house and she reads about the story that was fabricated to explain her death. Her family has already buried her. Tom tries to console her as she realizes her family is already moving on and she’s still stuck there, never moving forward, never eating, never having sex again, and never changing her clothes.

Alerted to the noise of Ian trying to escape his ropes, Tom and Alex find Ian in the basement. When they realize what Hal has done, Tom rushes out. Ian convinces Alex to let him go saying that they have no right to steal his life from him.

Ian shows up at his job, completely covered in blood. It’s obvious none of his co-workers care about what has happened to him after he says he was hit by a car. His boss uses this as an excuse to fire him and give Ian’s job to his nephew. Ian turns to leave with his box of belongings and fading dignity, but locks the door and vamps out instead.

Being Human S5E1 Ian

Blood of the Vampire, Blood of the Wolf

In 1918, Emil is performing a ritual to summon the devil. It involved the blood of Hal and Lady Catherine.

Hal returns home in the present day and is met with Tom’s fist. He wakes up tied to the chair once again. He tries to explain himself: He couldn’t stand to see another death. Things get worse when Alex admits she let Ian go. Hal and Tom agree that he needs to be found and fast.

The ritual being performed in 1918 will summon the devil into the body of an insane person who is chained to a pillar and wearing a metal mask over his head. The plan is to kill the devil while he’s in the crazy man’s body. The devil arrives in the form of black smoke and takes over the man’s body. Lady Catherine warns that they need to kill him now.

The trio arrive at Ian’s job to find his co-workers cowering in a room and watching Ian devour his boss’ nephew. Hal warns him that once the bloodlust wears off, he will be devastated by what he’s done. Ian counters that he can just stay that way because he likes the madness going on inside his head. Hal threatens to stake him, but Ian tells Hal that he recognizes a bully when he sees one. Hal put everything he hates about being a vampire into Ian so he could be the bad guy.

The devil laughs under the mask and Emil, Lady Catherine, and one of Hal’s vampires begin to choke. They all realize that Hal did not use his own blood for the ritual, which makes it less effective. As Emil and Lady Catherine die, the metal mask on the devil starts to come off.

Hal is about to stake himself with Ian when Alex and Tom stop him. They tell him they’ll give him something to be good for as they’re now responsible for everything he does. They call Rook to clean up their mess. When Rook’s men are taking Ian away, Ian warns Hal that he’ll end up like him one day. After they all leave, Rook tries to sell the boss on the story that Ian was on drugs, but the boss isn’t buying it. He threatens to go to the police and the press so Rook kills him by plunging a pen into his eye.

Being Human premiere

At the facility, when Ian says he want to go by Crumb, the name everyone used to call him because he will be the Crumb that swallowed the world, the victim who got super powers, this gives Rook an idea.

Barry Grand Hotel

Hal and Tom start work at the hotel where the old man, Captain Hatch, is still berating a waitress there. He whispers something in her ear that terrifies her. She goes upstairs to a room and breaks a picture frame. She uses a piece of glass to cut into her hand and writes ‘HE WILL RISE’ on the wall in blood before, presumably, jumping out of the window.

In 1918, Hal instructs his men to find the devil, who has run off. We see that the devil is Captain Hatch.

Captain Hatch


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