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Birthright # 11

Previously in Birthright #10

Josh Williamson has brought us another action filled installment of his fantasy adventure, Birthright.   With this issue, Williamson again proves he’s a masterful storyteller as he gives us a little more context of how our so-called hero Mikey went from the boy who would be the savior of Terrenos to the possible destroyer of all. This is great since I have contemplated the many possible reasons Mikey would or could have turned his back on his friends and family to align with the evil he was ordained to conquer.

The issue begins with Mikey going to meet with the dragons from Fallen Dragon Canyon who have heard of how Mikey has been kicking butt. They want to see the “Chosen One” for themselves. As they wait on the beach of Skull Island for the dragons to arrive, a local tells them a story about how Kallista the Pale Rider kidnapped their daughter. Mikey, wanting to be the hero, wants to go after her but Rook tells him there were sacrifices made so that he could solidify an ally against Lore. However, Mikey does not see the big picture and chooses to go after the daughter.


So, as Mikey makes his way to where Kallista is holding the girl, a great debate ensues: When discussing good versus evil, how do you if good is really good and evil is really evil?  What would make the hero turn from his path to accept darkness into his heart? All good questions, and according to Kallista, she was once a hero herself who had adopted Lore’s way of thinking, and has accepted the Nevermind into her.

Kallista tells Mikey that “the Nevermind is hardly my master nor am I possessed by it. Don’t tell me that in your small mind you don’t have doubts in your mission? I did once upon a time, and the Nevermind is a small sacrifice for a clear path in the darkness that is our lives.”

She feels that accepting Lore will bring peace to Terrenos, which has always been a world at war. This argument is lost on Mikey and he just attacks her and the monsters who have come to collect their sacrafice. Mickey saves the girl and changes her destiny.

Kallista tells Mikey that “No one’s journey is set in stone… no one’s.”

I think we need to take heed of her words.


In the end, Mickey tells Brennan on that day he proved he was the “chosen one” and that the Nevermind was a result of defeating Lore. Every battle comes with a great cost,” Mikey said, but he explains he will gladly carry it. Mickey tells Brennan he will not lie to him anymore, but the Obi-Wan Diviner ghost tells Brennan that Mickey is lying and that Terrenos and Earth are depending on him to save his brother’s soul.

Birthright #11
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This was a small part of the much larger tapestry. We are to take away little bits from the mini story and remember them as the bigger story unfolds. Bressan was, as always, on point and the imagery of the ogres being ridden by dragons fighting other creatures was very cool. It was a great way to showcase the creatures that populate the land.

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