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Birthright # 12

Previously in Birthright #11

I will say this for Williamson, he knows how to put a reader in a corner begging for more. This was an outstanding issue. One of his best yet. It builds on different circumstances around the Birthright world jumping from one character to another, giving you just enough to wonder what will happen next and then…BANG…he blows up and twists what you think is going to happen in the story! Birthright #12 brings you back into the main storyline of the comic and unlike #11, which gave us backstory as to how Mikey became the “chosen one,” this issue focuses on the characters here and now. And it was brilliant!


The issue begins with Aaron, who we have not seen in awhile, dreaming of saving his family and making everything right before the fateful day Mikey was taken from the woods. This seems to be his lot in life. He is forever haunted by not being able to save Mikey, and his entire life has paid the price. Losing his son, his wife, and now his freedom. He is awakened up by Agent Kylen, who wants him to help find his sons. Aaron says he is done being lied to by police and refuses. The problem is, Agent Kylen is not asking and has Aaron dragged from his cell. We discover that Agent Kylen plans the same for Wendy, but unlike Aaron, Wendy has a guardian angel to save her from being taken. Wendy and Rya are looking for the boys as well, but Rya may not have time because the baby seems to be coming soon. Agent Kylen has something up his sleeve in wanting the parents. I wonder what it could be.

Mikey and Brennen are now in Chicago, and looking for the next mage on the list. They are using the “Blades of the Fields of Forever” to find the mage Ward. Ward is the most reclusive and the most deadly of the mages, so it will not be easy to find and defeat him. The “Blades” take them to what looks to be a dead end, but Ward’s lair is hidden underground. Mikey and Brennen find the lair by falling into it, and Brennen has an awakening. He no longer wants to follow Mikey blindly and wants answers, but Mikey is reluctant to give them. As they are having their debate, Ward jumps from out of the shadows.

The story ends with the mages trying to figure out how to defeat the “host” of the “Nevermind,” who is trying to kill them. When they settle on “the chosen one,” they think Lore used his family against him, so they will do the same. And Agent Kylen will be the vessel they use to defeat him.



Birthright #12
  • 10/10
    Plot - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Dialogue - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Art - 10/10


Outstanding issue. The fact that we are back into the main story and we got to check in with all of the parties involved, was an amazing and seamless juggling act. And then we have the twist at the end, which speaks to goes Williamson’s great storytelling ability. The best of his writing was when Brennen and Mikey were having the discussion over why Mikey believes the mages are evil and what they did that was so bad on Terrenos. The back and forth was great, and the questions Brennen asked were exactly what I would have asked if I were going to risk my life for something I did not understandi.

Bressan’s art was wonderful, as usual. There was a panel in which both Brennen and Mikey were falling through the floor that puts you right there with the two of them. You can literally feel them falling. He does action so well. This issue was a standout for me, and yes it was a little wordy, but it had some great words! I can’t wait to see what happens next and how the mages will turn Mikey’s world against him.

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