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Birthright # 18

Previously in Birthright #17

Well, ladies and gentlemen it seems like we finally got an issue that is filler and without much going on until the final few pages. This is unusual for this book, which has been full of drama, plot twists and fist-pumping action. Not that this issue was bad, mind you; it was a quality issue with the same affection we have come to expect from Williamson. However, was I not floored by what happened to the characters nor was I jumping up and down yelling at our heroes to not open the door… nope. It was an issue of endings and the introduction of a new threat with not much pyrotechnics.  And with the ending, I expected fireworks and not sparklers. The art was on point as per usual, though. So, let talk about this pedestrian issue of Birthright which is still better than an lot of comics out there.


The issue begins with Sameal and Enoch still fighting.  It seems like they have been fighting for three issues now. I am all about fights, but come on now. It is time for this to get some place. And it does at the end, but I don’t want to show too much without getting dinner, a drink, flowers, something.

While this fight is still going on, the other battle between Brennen and the Nevermind is still waging downstairs. Brennen is learning how to use his new powers with blinding speed, almost as if he has been using them all along. He tries to convince his dad to trust him and that he can defeat the Nevermind and save Mikey. Aaron relents and allow his adolescent child to do battle against an otherworldly demon with powers he seems to understand after a second of discovering he has them.  Not the strongest writing, but we trust you, Williamson. Anyway, Brennen sends the Nevermind back into Mikey for safe keeping, which revives Mikey from his coma. That Nevermind is going to have to be dealt with at some point later in the story, and why it needs to be inside Mikey for him to live is not clear and is a mystery for another time.

Rya is still in labor, and Wendy is trying to help her through the pain. We find out the reason Rya was able to come to Earth was because she was pregnant with Mikey’s child, but when it is born she will not be able to return to Terrenos. But that is not the biggest problem. None of them know what is really going on with Rya and the baby, so Mastema brings them to the library to see if one of her magic books has the answers.

The final act of the issue sees Enoch finally defeating Sameal, and he is about the go and take care of his son and grandsons when the newly awakened “Chosen One” shows up in splendid fashion. Mikey quickly dispatches with Enoch, which is interesting because he could not defeat his grandfather yet could defeat the guy who defeated his grandfather. But I digress. Enoch tells them that he has summoned a new threat that will defeat the Rhodes family and save the Earth from Lore’s servant.  The new threat is none other than Sameal’s and Enoch’s old enemies the “Angry Engines.”  Yes, that is what I said… the “Angry Engines.”

Birthright #18
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As I said in the beginning, this issue is a filler but laying out the ending of an arc in which Mikey was out of commission and Brennen stepped up in a big way to help save his little brother. And we found out that you don’t need training to use magic in this book, and I am not sure how I feel about that. It was kind of like Rae in “The Force Awakens,” (Spoiler to anyone who has not seen the movie… is there anyone who has not seen that movie?), who is able to use her powers to beat a much more seasoned Jedi/Sith without any kind of training. Now Williamson may choose to reveal more about this, but I have a feeling this is going to be a “just move on” moment in the story. We have Mikey returning just in time to help defeat Enoch and learn about a new threat, the “Angry Engines.” Can we get a better name here? Anyway, that is about all that happens in this issue. I have faith that the next issue will pick it up some and get back to the intrigue and meaningful action this book is known for. I know I have been spoiled, but that is Williamson’s and Bressan’s fault.

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