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Review: Birthright #2

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Birthright #2


What is the line between fantasy and delusion? That should be the tagline for this second issue of Birthright. In the aftermath of the last issue, the Rhodes family is looking for answers, and nothing is what it seems. The mystery man is—or at least he says he is, Mikey all grown up and battle tested. He has been to Terrenos, a war torn land with fantastical creatures and magic. He has been on many adventures and the people there believe that he is their “chosen one” that was foretold. He was prophesied to be the one who will defeat the great evil in the land, King Lore. Unfortunately… the hero of the story actually lost! (Read issue # 1!) But no one knows that yet, so shhhh!

In this issue, the story moves from seeing Mikey in the land of Terrenos as he starts his journey to becoming the hero he is destined to become with his companions Rook (a Kilowog type character) and Rya (an angel wannabe). We also get to see Mikey in our world as he is still locked up in the police station being questioned about who he is.

In Terrenos, his training is not going as planned and he gets frustrated and runs away. Rook is not going to like that! In our world, Mikey is again frustrated at having to wait for the police to let him out so he takes matters into his own hands and pulls a Clark in Man of Steel: He breaks his chains and the interrogation window too.

Birthright #2 Mikey

After dispatching of an annoying Taser, he runs into his brother in the hallway. Brennan tells his “little” brother what every little brother wants to hear, “Holy crap, dude! That was… that was… Bad ass!”  Mikey asks Brennan if he wants to go with him on his adventure. I have my hand raised right now. But first we have to go get all the nice sharp weapons the police took from Mikey with a group of police waiting for him. Let the butt kicking commence.

Score | 8/10This issue was a very good follow-up to the first issue. This story seems to be all about going on an adventure with humor sprinkled throughout. I loved Mikey as a character – both the young version and the old. It is going to be interesting to see how he ultimately loses to King Lore—which will hurt since Williamson does such a good job at making the reader like him and all of his “man out of time” coolness. I continue to highly recommend this series and I’m looking forward to the next issue.

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