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Review: Birthright #6

Previously in Birthright #5

Birthright #6 Cover

Birthright is back! I can’t tell you how much I have been missing this book, and now it has returned in all of its “Hell Yeah” glory! Issue 6 picks up exactly where Issue 5 ended.

We begin with the many faces Mikey has left in his wake since he came back to Earth. From friends, to mentors, to lovers, to the Nevermind, all giving him a message of pain and sorrow. It turns out Mikey was having a nightmare and is actually in a cave with Brennan. Brennan startles him and Mikey attacks but is able to stop himself before he does any real damage. Brennan asks about the dream and then asks about the God King Lore. At this point, I held my breath because I knew what we, as the readers, were about to see. After 5 issues, we finally get a look at what all the fuss was about in Terrenos. We finally meet Lore! And let’s just say… nasty!

Birthright #6 Page 1

Next, we find ourselves back at the police station where Aaron is being scolded by Det. Brooks, who decides to bring in someone who might be able to get some information out of him: Wendy. I was not too thrilled to see her, but I understand why Williamson would use her. Wendy was Aaron’s wife and mother to his children, so she may be the only one to get him talking, even if she hates him and he was emotionally crushed by her.

She tries and even holds his hand as Aaron confides in her, but this is all short-lived, as the big boys are now taking over the case: the F.B.I… oh, wait. It’s the NSA? Unfortunately for Williamson, I find this hysterical and, for the first time, I was taken out of the story. As I know a little about federal law enforcement and the intelligence world, I could not help but laugh. Unless Aaron is using his computer to hack into government computers to steal country secrets and then using his cell phone to contact Lore back on Terrenos, this is a big misstep for me. But I know I may be a little sensitive when it comes to this subject, so I will jump off my box and run forward to catch up to the story. Sorry, folks!

Mikey and Brennan are taking a bath in some very cold water. Mikey finds it refreshing, but Brennan is not feeling the all-natural functionality of using a river to get clean. Mikey then seems to be confused about some facts of his childhood, which happened awhile ago for him but only less than a year ago for Brennan. Brennan corrects him but then spies the blood-red-veiny-bubbly spot on Mikey’s back. Quick! Distract him by throwing water in his eyes! And then let’s teach our older brother how to swing a sword! Water dancing, anyone?

Now we come to my favorite part of the book. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who has not read the issue yet, but what I will say is Mikey teaches Brennan another life lesson I believe will resonate throughout their developing relationship. And man was it good!

The last scene is of one new character and one already introduced character who seems to have their own plans for Mikey. The magi are bringing a little bit of home down to Earth. And I may be wrong, but it sure looks hungry!

Birthright #6 Page 2

Score | 9.5/10This book continues to be one of my favorites, and I have already put it in my best-ever category. Yes, I know there have only been six issues, but I don’t see how the author and artist could mess this up. Williamson is an amazing storyteller and hits all the right beats from adventure, to world building, to the quiet moments allowing us to get to know each of the characters. Although this issue was mostly character building. it was done in the best possible way, and I think issues like this are necessary if the readers are really supposed to feel the emotional gut punch I know is not too far away, as the story progresses.

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