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Review: Birthright #7

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Birthright 7

It is time again for the adventures of Dog and Arya…oh wait…I mean Mickey and Brennan! In this issue, the two adventurers continue to track down the mages in an attempt to stop the Earth from being invaded by very bad things from Terrenos, or at least that is the tale Mickey is spinning. Meanwhile, Wendy is attempting redemption and to finally believe something bigger than herself. And Rya is still trying to track down her baby daddy. All in all, a very fun issue until the end where reality hits and we see that this journey is not always just fun and games.

We find Mikey and Brennan going around stealing camping supplies –  I guess people got to eat! Mikey explained Rook always said that “it was important that a hero be just as much a thief as a warrior.” I wonder if that is something Rook would actually say? And if so, why would he say that? I guess we will have to wait and see if it’s explored later. Mickey explains they are now looking for the mage Sameal, who has a pair of blades called the “Blades from the Fields of Forever.” We also discover Mickey is able to feel when elements from Terrenos are near.  I am sure this is the Nevermind. We also learn there are forces from Terrenos that have come into our world and can be conjured forth and will change the one who sees them. The “Blades from the Fields of Forever” are such an element and he knows they are close.

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Meanwhile, Wendy is reviewing copies of the notebook Mickey had when he was arrested. Det. Brooks had given her the copies. I guess protocol is out the window with this guy and the police give information from an open investigation to the family of the victim/criminal. Oh well, she reads a passage from the notebook about his first birthday in Terrenos and how he taught his new companions how to sing happy birthday… poorly. At this point, I think she finally realizes that this new Conan looking Mickey is her Mickey and is determined to find out where he and Brennan have gone. “No more missed birthdays,” she says as she begins to create a make-shift crime scene board to piece together where her two boys could be heading.

Mickey and Brennan track down the blades and Brennan finds something else he is interested in. The blades belong to a man who owns a hunting and camping supply store. They are being used as wall decorations. The owner’s daughter, Becca, explains that her father got the blades from a drifter a few years ago and put them on display. Brennan seems to be a little nervous around Becca and stumbles all over himself. Mickey saves him from the uncomfortable situation, although Brennan did not want to be saved. Mickey tells him that if he wants to talk to girls he has to know how to do it. Brennan is not used to his younger brother having more life experience than he does, but asks how does one talk to girls.

Next, we find Rya surveying a damaged police vehicle outside of the police station and she knows Mickey had been there. As she makes her way inside the building, Det. Brooks and another police officer see her and tell her she is in a restricted area and ask how she got into the station? They tell her to put her hands on her head. She does not like being told what to do and pulls her sword. The other police officer pulls his gun and opens fire. Brooks tells him to stop firing as she blocks the bullets like some sort of Jedi and flies away. Brooks and the other police officer cannot believe their eyes. Brooks takes a picture with his phone just in case no one believes his story. And we all know they will not.

Mickey wants to teach his brother how to be a thief as Brennan would much rather learn how to talk to Becca. Mickey tells him that his mistake with talking with Becca was that he is not talking to “any girl… you are talking to Becca.” Brennan does not understand what that means as the subject of the conversation shows up with a shotgun drawn. Mickey asks her to please lower the weapon; she of course refuses and challenges him. Mickey shows off some sort of Terrenos rainbow light show – I think more to scare/distract her than anything else. He is able to get the gun away from her, but not before she is able to get a shot off. The shot hits Brennan, who is on the ground bleeding and asking Mickey to get their mom. The issue ends leaving us Game of Thrones style!

Birthright #7 Pic 2

Score | 9/10This issue was good. It was not amazing like the other issues have been, but I think that is because we are really just getting into the narrative of the story and things have to get to the important points somehow.

Now, there were some high points. The picture of Rya flying in the air with all her majestic pregnant glory was amazing and the end where Brennan was shot was surprising and puts things in perspective for us as the reader as well as with Mickey. Mickey forgets that his brother has not lived a life of adventuring and training to be the chosen one as he has. Us, the readers, have the same mindset as Mickey and have been going along forgetting Brennan is a normal adolescent boy on a high-stakes adventure. We all are sobering to the idea that this is not an episode on the Disney Channel, but life and death is very real for our heroes (as much as they can be… this is still a comic, you know).

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