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Review: Birthright #8

Previously in Birthright #7

Birthright #8

When last we left our adventurers, Brennan had been shot and Mikey had no idea how to help his brother. All of this because Mikey wanted the “Blades of the Fields Of Forever” and Brennan wanted to talk to a girl. I guess Mickey forgot about never bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Anyway, in this issue we’re back with the three hunters we’d last seen leaving the hunting and camping supplies store, sitting around a campfire. Seems that they have something out in the wild they are trying to guard from whatever had been going around stealing camping supplies. Is it me or did we not see what they were protecting? They talk about watching their “stuff,” but what stuff are they referring to? Are they watching over a “wacky” cash crop? Whatever it is, not sure it matters at they soon meet the big glowing one-eyed tiger from Terrenos who we later find out is the work of a Diviner (more on that later). The tiger turns them into creatures with sticks coming out of their left arms. This can’t be good for Mikey and Brennan.

Birthright Pic 2

Brennan is still shot and Mikey is threating Becca with bodily harm if she runs away. Becca remains calm after Mikey shows her the “Nevermind” all over his face. She actually asks him, “What are you?” and is semi calm while doing it. Girl must be fierce – she does seem to live in the middle of nowhere.

A little later she sees the world turned into an alien landscape and she just says “whatever!” But then the three “tree” growers…urrr…I mean, hunters come floating up to them. Mikey explains the Divine: “It” is an individual who can cast spells and whose purpose is to transform an environment to cleanse one’s soul. That sounds like someone attempting to have a “come to Jesus meeting” with Mikey. And they say as much as they tell Mikey “We can feel your pain…” and “Let us help you free yourself.” But instead Mikey and company decide to run the other way.

Meanwhile, Rya continues her search for her man, which is not so hard because he likes leaving very big breadcrumbs for her to find. But “the man” (the Feds) is also on her trail and with the local police department helping the Feds, Rya finds herself attempting to out run/fly them. She finally has to take down the helicopter carrying Agent Brooks’ replacement, saying he now knows what he is up against. In the end, Rya ends the chase and I am not sure the baby liked all that excitement.

Later, we see Becca has found the first aid station she had told Mikey about. She tells him she can fix Brennan up, because she stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. No. Just kidding. She can fix Brennan because she helped her uncle fix his foot after he shot himself some time back.

Birthright pic 3The three “hunters” have caught up to them and Mikey knows he has to go out there and give Becca time to fix his brother. Before he heads outside, Brennan tells Mikey he saw the real him, “Nevermind” and all! Mikey is surprised, but prioritizes and determines the “hunters” have to be dealt with first. He grabs the daggers and heads outside to find an old friend of his waiting with the three “hunters.” His sins have come back to haunt him as the bear he killed a couple of issues back has now been possessed by the Diviner, who tells him, “Once you were an ally, but you have fallen from grace. The form I have chosen was innocent and yet you took its life in an act of malice.” The bear then tells him to come with them without resistance or they will be forced to wipe the whole area from existence. Never good to hear. Okay, Mikey, decisions, decisions.

This was another great issue. It continued to move the story along with some good character development. The part where Mikey let his real light shine, and showed Becca who he is really is, was shocking for her and the reader. The “Nevermind” in Mikey seems to be progressing. Not good.

Bressan’s art really shined here, allowing the reader to feel how evil the “Nevermind” truly is. But, we do see a glimmer of hope for Mikey as he fights the “Nevermind” when it suggests to him he should leave his brother and continue to look for the mages. Mikey refuses to leave Brennan.

Score | 9/10The chase scene with Rya as she does her best Michonne impersonation looking for her Rick was great! The panels were amazing as anything with her in it continues to be badass. There were a few out of place panels that I think were a misstep for Williamson. Most of them revolved around the flashbacks and they felt forced – this includes the flashback to Terrenos with Mikey, Rya, and Zoshnna. I have a theory this will be a love triangle that Williamson will share later on in which Rya comes out on top, but it had no place here.

Also, we got a look at Wendy and how she regrets not believing Mikey from the beginning. This felt like an obligatory check-in to remind us the character existed and took me out of the story, but only for a second. All in all, though, another success for the team of Williamson, Bressan, and Lucas. I continue to look forward to this book each month, and I think the bear will have further words with Mikey next issue.

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