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Bishop is in X-Men: Days of Future Past!

Yesterday, director Bryan Singer tweeted/vined a video from the set of X-Men: Days of Future Past; the video contained “a place to sit” for every mutant, and included in those mutants was Bishop! (also Warpath)

This is such awesome news! I thought for sure we would have to wait for an Age of Apocalypse adaptation before we would get to see Bishop (and we may still have to wait for that adaptation before we get to see Bishop get a lot of screen time), but now we know he will at least make an appearance in Days of Future Past; enough of an appearance to warrant an entire chair. Not to diminish the fact that this video also confirms Warpath’s presence in the film, but Bishop is just bigger news to me because he’s my favorite X-Men character. This ups the ante for me; if nothing else, Days of Future Past better deliver a quality Bishop.


Do you like the confirmation of Bishop (and Warpath) in Days of Future Past? Who is your favorite X-Men character?

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