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Blindspot – S1E3 – Eight Slim Grins

Previously on Blindspot, ‘A Stray Howl’

We jump right this week were we left off, Jane Doe getting ready to take a shower after a long day with the FBI. The Bearded guy from her visions clamps a hand over a mouth telling her not to make a sound, but self-preservation kicks in for Jane and she immediately opens up a can of whoop ass on him. He tells her he’s there to help her and not to trust the FBI, which is quickly followed by a series of shots to his chest.

Blindspot - Season 1

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The next day at HQ, Weller is not happy that Jane Doe (JD) could have gotten hurt. Patterson brings up a case of robbers called the Candy Crew – known as such because of the colorful masks they wear.

And then I was confused for about five minutes at what I thought was a scene from Gotham.  Bank robbers hit up a jewelry store and things go badly. One of the robbers is shot and left behind as the others get away. It seems this crew’s streak is up.

Doctor Borden questions JD about her feelings to the home invasion and asks if she trusts the FBI. And this becomes a broken record in terms of themes this episode: trust, between the FBI agents and JD.

Weller argues with Mayfair about whether or not JD deserves to know that she might possibly be Taylor Shaw. And I was pretty sure JD could read lips and knew everything they were saying. Weller apologizes for the break-in to her safe house, she tells Weller she knew BG, that “He might have been my friend,” but she omits telling him BG told her not to trust the FBI.

Edgar – aka The Suit – calls them in to a room where they get briefed by Patterson about the Candy Crew.  JD has the exact same SEAL tattoo as the robber that was shot. They are an international jewelry crew, who are also ex-SEAL agents, who have been discharged and are now putting their skills to use. Patterson – the one-woman Sherlock Holmes in this show – is quickly able to figure out who, what, and where the robbers are via their getaway van. Her levels of deducing are on a level I can’t explain and that’s not a good thing for this show.

The crew heads over to the location provided by Patterson, Weller tells JD to stay in the car which, reignites their argument from earlier. But in the end she agrees when he tells her they’ll discuss her role with the team later. A couple of minutes later, she of course leaves the car (It’s got to be a once every episode thing now) and spots the guy they’re looking for in a store and gives chase.

Blindspot - Season 1

Edgar is not happy with JD being around, and I don’t blame him. But Weller is also too emotionally close to this case and the lack of trust comes up again. One thing I need to bring up is how in the world is Edgar able to sprint after criminals in those fitted suits?

Edgar later points out that Weller is too close to Jane, Weller isn’t willing to bend. I’m sure it’s the complication that JD might be Taylor Shaw, but that shouldn’t be enough to erode years of FBI training.

Weller and JD head to the visit Casey, the robber who was caught. She takes this time to tell him about what BG told her. When she asks what he was arguing with Mayfair about, he lies and says another case. I guess he’s fine with withholding information from her. Next thing you know the hospital is overtaken by the Candy gang.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”#4A7097″ class=”” size=””]“I’ve been looking for you my whole life, Jane.”[/pullquote]

While Weller goes off on his own Casey wakes up and JD asks if he knows her and he nods yes. But this is the only question she is able to ask before armed soldiers attack her and she leaves to assist Weller, who is almost shot by one of the soldiers. They return to the room to retrieve Casey only to find him gone.

His brother is in the process of wheeling him out of the hospital, with a doctor as hostage. The doctor says Casey will not survive without care. So, this international Navy SEAL jewel thief didn’t plan for this?

He slowly wheels his brother back in to be confronted by Weller and JD, and is promptly shot by Weller as Casey fades. Weller calls for a doctor like there aren’t fifty right outside the door in front of the building. Casey whispers, “Orion” to JD as he passes away. Weller seeing how distraught she is finally throws her a bone by telling her about Taylor Shaw and her possible connection to him.

Blindspot - Season 1

Mayfair tells Jane that she’s proven herself and will get her own service weapon pending a test; the team trusts Jane so Mayfair trusts her. By this point, I did not want to hear the word trust uttered again.

Patterson has the results of the DNA test and surprise: JD is Taylor Shaw. They’ve hinted at it so heavily, but I was hoping it wouldn’t be so obvious.The one thing that does throw me for a loop is Mayfair meeting with a gentleman who is in favor of getting rid of Taylor. Mayfair points out that her death wouldn’t solve the issue as the information is already in the system. Orion is definitely a thing and he tells her to make it go away.

This episode was enjoyable in the beginning, but the best scenes weren’t adding to anything to the story – they just looked cool. It seems they’re throwing a lot of ideas in each episode and hoping they stick. There are too many coincidences and Patterson solving everything so easily was a bit much.

Yes, I want to find out what Orion is and how Taylor Shaw is involved, but outside of that the rest of the story is flimsy.

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