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Bloodline – S1E10 – Part Ten

Previously on Bloodline, ‘Part Nine’

Part Ten’s cold open starts with the pier dedication that had previously been postponed due to Robert’s stroke and subsequent death. Sally is giving a speech regarding how proud her family has made her and that her children are what keeps her going. The whole time John is giving the stank eye up and down the line at the mention of Danny’s name. John is wearing a seersucker suit, so this could be our fateful day in the rain.

Pier Dedication

As a voiceover from John telling us that people think his brother is a monster. John admits that he did terrible things, but that he feels sorry for Danny because he got a rough deal. While this voiceover is occurring, John is carrying Danny’s lifeless body clad all in seersucker through the marsh to the boat. He is talking like he doesn’t know where Danny is, but that he wishes him the best.

Interrogation EricJohn Is Tired Of Your Shit

After the open, we are right back where Part Nine left off, with John questioning Eric about Danny in the interrogation room. He asks Eric if they’ve been hanging out and Eric tells him that he’s his best friend, so yes. After a few pissing matches back and forth, Marco comes in to tell John they have a lead and they leave Eric on ice while they go check things out.

John and Marco go outside where officers are searching Eric’s van and have found two of the blacked out gas cans that Eric and Danny were using to transport the stolen fuel for the smuggling operation. Upon review of the surveillance footage they found earlier in their investigation, they identify Eric as one of the men in the footage and the look on John’s face indicates he also recognizes Danny.

Back in the interrogation room, John tells Eric that they’ve got him and then gives him a chance to turn on Danny before he comes in and throws Eric under the bus. Eric tells him to fuck off, and John lets him go with no charges. But he does bestow him with a warning that sooner or later, he’ll get caught.

This Family Is A Mess

Back at the inn, Sally is putting away her laundry and has a memory of her younger self in the mirror frantically yelling into the phone and packing her things in a suitcase. As she watches her younger self, there is a knocking on the double doors to her room. She watches herself go to the door and stare at someone there before closing the door and snapping back to reality.

Danny is out in his drug bungalow when Eric slams in and tells Danny that John is on to them. Danny asks what he told them and his response was, “I told them dick fist.” I interpreted to mean that he didn’t tell them anything, but I can’t honestly say I’ve ever heard that euphemism before. Danny calms him down and sends him on his way.

In the house, the men are getting fitted for their dashing seersucker suits for Meg and Marco’s wedding. John is reading the paper and Kevin is checking himself out in the mirror when Danny enters admiring their suits sarcastically. Sally tells him to put his on and he refuses, but she wins and then he makes a comment to Meg about the happy couple which is dripping with sarcasm and threat. He is such an asshole.

The DEA Don’t Play Around

At the station, an entire squadron of DEA agents have shown up and are getting briefed on the drug smuggling operation while John and Marco look on. At the same time, Danny meets Lowry at the pool where he is watching his son’s swim practice. After Danny assures him that things are going well, he asks Danny with hotel code words if he can handle a larger shipment. Danny tells him they can handle as many “guests” as he sends their way.

Danny & Lowry

We find that the DEA has bugged CFM’s phone when he calls Danny to arrange a meeting for the next job, and they are recording the entire conversation. Later, when John comes in the office the agents ask him if he recognizes the second voice (they think it’s Eric) and John recognizes his brother’s voice, but we cut away before he can give them a name.

Meg The WorstMeg Is The Worst

Meg and Marco are grabbing a drink in a bar and discussing the case. Marco tells her about Eric O’Bannon’s involvement and she tells him that Danny has been acting weird. Then she admits that her whole family is acting weird because of all of the lies. She mentions the job offer in New York and Marco cutely agrees that he’d move if she wanted and then she has an attack of conscience and tells him that she slept with Alec. He doesn’t say a word, just extracts some money from his wallet (so gentlemanly) and then stands and walks out of the bar.

From there, Meg stops by the inn and sees that they are setting up for a dinner service. When she asks Sally about it, she tells her that she’s made an executive decision and then asks her opinion on which menu looks nicer. Meg’s face is so not impressed. She also spots Carlos across the yard and mentions that she thought his employment was temporary, but Sally tells her that he was so helpful that Danny convinced her he needed to stay full time. Meg is even less impressed.

Later Meg happens to be at Carlos’ AA meeting which completely defeats the purpose of the Anonymous part of that whole deal. She asks him if he said anything to the witness and he says no, then she asks if Danny said anything to the witness and Carlos is saved by the meeting beginning, so he walks off without an answer. Meg is on to you, Carlos.

Creepy Uncle Danny

Danny decides to overtly ignore John and Diana’s request that he stay the fuck away from their kids by dropping them off. John stares murderously down the driveway as Danny drops them and then backs out without speaking to anyone. John asks his daughter what is going on and she tells him Danny was waiting for them after school and took them for pizza. What a creeper.

John and Diana take this opportunity to relay to the kids that they were not joking about staying away from Danny. The kids act like typical asshole teenagers and question their parents on why they can’t see Danny. John and Diana tell them to mind their business and just listen to them and the kids call bullshit. I can guarantee if I had said the word bullshit with or without that attitude, I would have had the spit slapped out of my mouth. John’s reaction however was to get angry and yell that they were not to see him again, end of discussion.

My Life Is The Worst Ever

Mama O’Bannon Is An Asshole

Chelsea and Danny deliver groceries to her mother in a waterfront trailer park. Yeah, you live in a trailer, but what a view! She is sitting out front in her recliner doing her crossword puzzles, because trailer park. She is not happy with whatever potted meat Chelsea brought her but she damn sure better have gotten those scratchers.

Mama O

Danny attempts to make small talk with Mama O and she proves that she is an asshole by telling him that his dead father was not the saint everyone thinks he was. He agrees with her on that one, but then she asks if his mother is dead as well and he says no, that she is alive and well. It turns out Mama O never liked her either. After this pleasant conversation, Chelsea comes back out and when her mom asks for a check, she tells her she needs a couple more days for the rent and her mom throws a fit for a second before returning to her cigarette and crossword puzzle.

Evening At The Inn

Sally and Danny share a drink on the porch after a long day and toast to everything. Sally asks Danny what he thinks about going ahead with the pier dedication ceremony. She thinks it may be too soon or disrespectful. Danny assures her that Robert would’ve loved to be honored like this. He then brings up Sarah, makes things awkward by reminding Sally about her and Sarah always fighting, and then sarcastically says that those days were paradise for all of them and stares at her knowingly.

Kevin is inside getting a drink from the fridge and hears a noise in the house. He cautiously searches the house looking for the source of the noise. As he gives up and turns around, someone jumps out with a bat to attack and Kevin jerks awake on the couch with a few empty bottles of beer and his pain pill bottle on the coffee table next to him.

Angry Kevin

The next morning, a jumpy Kevin approaches John in a parking lot and asks him if there has been any advances in his case. John tells him that he went and talked to the douchebag son (who Kevin suspects) and has determined that he didn’t have anything to do with it. Kevin gets angry and wonders when John was going to tell him. John insinuates that maybe it was a random robbery unless Kevin knows of someone else he should look into. Kevin gets rightfully angry and tells John that is HIS job and then storms off.

Sally Gets Angry And It Is Awesome

Sally comes storming into John and Diana’s house after dinner railing on them about them asking their kids to stay away from Danny. John tries to explain to her that Danny is in some trouble, but can’t tell her what is going on. Sally is having none of this bullshit and yells that Danny has finally turned his life around and that they aren’t going to fuck this up for him (Sissy Spacek yelled fuck!) and then gloriously storms out telling John not to make her choose sides because she will.

Chelsea Is Smarter Than Chloe Sevigny Looks

Danny and Chelsea meet for breakfast and Chelsea is dressed in scrubs and apologizing for being late because some dude had a seizure right before her shift ended. So say I was surprised at this development would be an understatement, but I was relieved that her entire body was covered for the first time in ten episodes. She gives Danny an envelope with a bunch of cash saying that she can’t accept his attempt to help out with her Mom and then asks him where he got so much money. He lies and tells her that it’s from working at the inn and from his inheritance from Robert. She is not stupid and tells him that she isn’t going down this road again, so if he’s headed for trouble then she’s out.

Angry Chelsea

The Investigation Is Heating Up

The DEA has determined that the next drug shipment will occur in the next 48 hours, and they will be tracking CFM through his cell phone once he has made the pick up. John relays this information to Diana and she asks if he is ok. He replies that he fine, but that he just wants Danny out his life. Diana says she feels bad for Sally and tells John that he needs to let her know what is going on.

John visits the inn and finds Sally sitting on the beach. He sits down to talk to her and she tells him about how her and Robert had some tough times in the past and that on the day that Sarah died, Sally had decided to leave Robert. Sarah overheard them arguing on the phone and instead of comforting her, she told Danny to take Sarah. Danny took her out on the boat, she drowned, and Danny’s life fell apart. Sally thinks this all her fault and John, seeing how anguished she is, leaves without telling her about Danny. In his truck he yells fuck a few times and then tells his imaginary version of Danny in the back seat, “Fuck you.”

Gross, Danny

Inside the inn, Danny and Chelsea come in to find Kevin in the kitchen, after an awkward exchange, Chelsea leaves and Kevin asks Danny how long they have been seeing each other. This is when things get weird and very uncomfortable. Danny responds, “Ever since I found out she can demolish a cock.” He then waxes poetic about how Kevin already knows all of that and that they are eskimo brothers, cooter cousins, and/or pussy pals. (Shudder.) Kevin stands there and stares uncomfortably while Danny tells him that sometimes he makes her call him Kevin because it makes him so hard to know that they finally have something in common. (Double shudder.)

Sinister DannyJohn Confronts Danny

John finds Danny in the kitchen of the inn and starts the conversation by asking about the cooking lessons before segueing into questions about Lowry and his drug smuggling. He follows Danny into the freezer and Danny tries to deny knowing what he’s talking about when John explodes. He pulls the the photos of the dead girls out of his pocket and yells that Lowry is smuggling more than drugs and Danny looks a little spooked.

John tells Danny that he will give him a shot to come in and confess so that he can arrange a deal for him. But John tells him that this is a one-time offer and this is his last chance. He leaves the photos on a shelf in the freezer and storms out. Danny picks up the photos and looks at them and he appeared to be torn.

The next morning Danny meets CFM under the bridge and they discuss the next shipment. Danny fishes for more information about the operation, asking about smuggling weapons and people. CFM tells him that they don’t smuggle people anymore because they had some issues. We get a flashback to the boat filled with immigrants that blew up. CFM called Lowry and told him that they might have been seen, but they were clear now and Lowry tells him to get rid of them. CFM tries to convince him that this isn’t necessary, but Lowry doesn’t give a shit and wants him to get rid of him. So he and his cohort doused the boat in gasoline and set it on fire on purpose.

Shit Goes Down – Kind Of

Danny sit in his shed of lies smoking and looking worried while Meg visits Sally inside. Sally asks if Meg ever filed the new ownership documents. Meg says no because she changed her mind. When Sally asks why, Meg gives an answer similar to, “Because I’m a grown ass woman,” while she notices Carlos wheeling the crates to the shed. She walks away from Sally and follows him.

Elsewhere, CFM is sitting in his car watching a panhandler at the gas station. He calls Danny and tells him that he is locked and loaded and then rolls up his windows and hangs up. The DEA traces his call and arranges for someone to find and follow him. Simultaneously Danny walks into the station and tells John that he is ready to talk. This begins a montage of Danny’s confession and the tracking of CFM’s car.

John & Danny

Danny tells John about the stolen gas and how in the beginning he had no idea what it was for. As the DEA agents close in on CFM, Danny tells John about how he followed CFM to the bait shop because he wanted more money, so he approached Lowry with a proposition. As John asks about the proposition, the agents stop the car and realize that CFM has switched places with the beggar from the gas station. John receives a call and steps out to be informed of this twist.

We see CFM boarding a boat while Lowry assures him that someone will meet him in the Bahamas to set him up with some money until he can come back. John comes back in and asks Danny to continue, but Danny refuses saying that he doesn’t think he needs to. John narrows his eyes in question and Danny tells him that they’ll never find CFM and get him to flip on Danny. This is because Lowry’s henchman in the boat garrotes CFM as Lowry pulled the “what’s that over there” trick that only toddlers fall for. RIP Clairol For Men.

Garrote You Bitch

Danny tells John that if he takes him down now, he’ll take the whole family down with him. John stares at him confused and Danny informs him that he will be calling the shots now with an evil grin. John responds, “We’ll see about that.”

Back at the inn, Meg looks in the windows of the relocked drug shack and sees the luggage piled up which contains all of the drugs.

This episode is by far my favorite of the series. We learned even more of the secrets from the past as well as got to see Danny go off the rails. Sally lost her temper and Meg finally came clean with Marco. Best of all, John is hot when he gets all “I’ve had about enough of your shit, kids.” While I finally got some answers to my oldest questions, I still was able to come up with more.

  • I know John is busy, but is that really an excuse to completely ignore Kevin’s severe beating and robbery?
  • Is Marco going to come back?
  • Am I the only one completely fangirling over Sissy Spacek?
  • Now that Danny seems to have thoroughly angered all of his siblings, who is actually going to kill him?
  • Are we supposed to believe Kevin’s acquisition of the marina is completely dead in the water?
  • Was I the only person who wanted a shower after the Danny/Kevin eskimo brother scene?
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