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Bloodline – S2E4 – Part 17

Previously on Bloodline, “Part 16”

Part 17 of Bloodline closes a door and opens a few others in the twisted plot viewers have come to expect. As the Rayburn family comes ever closer to crashing and burning in a fiery pile of lies and deceit, one problem is seemingly solved, while a myriad of others continue to persist.

Two Idiots In A Pod

Kevin uses his pea brain to take the remaining kilos of cocaine to Lowry’s house to return them. After almost being shot on sight, he tosses a duffle containing the remaining drugs over Lowry’s ironic picket fence and claims that everything is better now. He then scrambles to get in his truck and take off, however Lowry sends his henchman after him, causing him to run a stop sign and get t-boned in the intersection. This obviously results in his arrest since he’s off his mind on coke and John gets called in. John tells the arresting officer to do what he has to do.

Images: Netflix

Images: Netflix

Meg decides that it’s a good idea to continue avoiding returning to New York and stick around to be Kevin’s lawyer. She also neglects to call anyone in New York and notify them of this choice. She is later shocked when Susannah fires her via telephone, and goes to a bar to get drunk as a result. There she makes an absolute fool of herself (and makes me feel awkward) when she spots Marco there on a date. I cringed during the entirety of this scene.

When Kevin is finally released after Meg posts his bail, she lets him know that he has completely fucked them all with his stunt. He apologies like the dope that he is, but she admits that instead of being mad at him, she’s just terrified of where this is going.

Lowry Gets Back In The Game

Lowry meets up with his boss and returns the coke to him; evidently, also thinking that this solves things in the drug dealing world. Bossman tells him no, and asks who had the coke, but Lowry refuses to give Kevin up. He tells Bossman that he’s going to do a run on his own dime as a display of good faith to show he’s still up for the work.

Since John no longer has any leverage over Lowry after Kevin returned the missing coke, Lowry blackmails him into helping keep the heat off of his crew during this drug run. Thinking he has everything under control, he gets his crew ready for the shipment and sends his family away for protection.

John Needs A Xanax

The strain of the incessant fuck ups with his family and the unraveling of his professional life with this investigation is starting to take a toll on John. He’s having entire conversation with ghost Danny and envisioning Nolan as Danny sitting in his living room. Once he gets his bearings, he talks to Nolan and feeds him the same line about trying to help Danny out by moving the drugs to his Miami apartment.

In between dealing with Kevin’s arrest and Lowry’s blackmail, he and Diana get into an argument over her conversation with Sally. Diana is still miffed about some of the things that Sally said, and is also mad at being kept in the dark about the things that happened when John sent Diana and the kids away last season. John gets defensive and starts yelling about how it doesn’t matter what he did to try to help Danny since he still ended up dead.

The light at the end of his tunnel continues to fade, so he tells Meg to transfer all of his investments and shares in the inn to Diana and the kids names. Meg tries to convince him that it isn’t necessary, but he is insistent and she agrees to take care of it. When he returns home late that evening, he apologizes for his outburst and Diana and he talk about Kevin’s arrest calming things slightly on the homefront. The next morning he imagines a scene with his children and Diana discussing visiting him in prison in the future where he ends up for killing Danny. Even though it’s all in his mind, it shakes him up a bit.

Sally Gets A Visitor

Sally is at the inn checking her mail when she is informed that she has a visitor. It’s Eve, Nolan’s mother. Sally doesn’t recognize her and takes her on a tour of the property before attempting to check her in. Eve takes this opportunity to ask Sally if she remembers Eve, which she doesn’t. Eve hints that it’s been about 16 years (Nolan’s age) and trails off and Sally understands.

Bloodline - S2E4 - Sally and Eve

They chat inside over some tea and Eve hints at needing money for Nolan until Sally asks her if that’s why she is here. Eve reveals that she had an arrangement with Robert and that since he died, the payments stopped. Sally turns to ice at this and calmly but briskly dismisses Eve and walks her outside while greeting some incoming guests. Eve uses this opportunity to glean some details that she uses to later steal the guests’ credit card number.

Meg finally bites the bullet at comes home to see Sally, who immediately asks her about her knowledge of Robert’s accounts and the payments to Eve. Meg admits that she recently found out, but she stopped the payments saying that she assumed he was having an affair or something and didn’t want to know who the woman was or why she was being paid.

Sally invites Eve back to discuss the situation, Eve talks about how she and Danny met and she fell in love despite him being older. After some reminiscing Sally interrupts her and informs her that she won’t be paying her any more money. At Eve’s insistence, Sally tells her that she never promised Eve anything, and wouldn’t be continuing the payment arrangement going forward. Basically she tells her to go kick rocks. Fist pump for Sally!

The Investigation Picks Up Steam… Again

At the beginning of the episode Marco and John meet with Vincente, the father of the girl who was killed trying to be smuggled into Florida, to tell him that Lowry will be going away, but not for murder, for his drug infractions. Vincente accepts that the deal is the best they are going to get and leaves.

John sits in on the meeting with the DEA about the chatter they have heard regarding Lowry’s upcoming shipment and officially learns that Lowry has backed out of the deal they offered him and is moving forward with his drug dealings. John visits an old friend, Hank, who tracks the communications of the Coast Guard and their patrol schedules and asks him for help, to which Hank agrees.

Bloodline - S2E4 - John and Marco

John and Marco visit Vincente to let him know that Lowry has backed out of the deal much to his disdain. John then sits in on another briefing regarding Lowry’s shipment and tells them to confer with Hank about the plans. He then tells Lowry that they are good to go for Sugarloaf Key because everyone else is focused on another spot that they think his shipment is arriving. Before Marco heads out on the bust John makes it weird by asking if Marco thinks he’s a good person, which Marco confusedly replies in the affirmative.

John waits at the station for word on the bust while Lowry’s crew wait at Sugarloaf Key and successfully make the exchange and let Lowry know that everything has gone off without a hitch. As they are leaving the drop point, they are busted by the task force because John actually lead them to the correct location and misled Lowry, willing to accept his fate after Lowry talks. He gets a call from Marco to head over to the bait shop where they went to bust Lowry. When he arrives he finds that Lowry has been stabbed to death. Marco and the crew assume that one of Lowry’s guys did this.

The next day they visit Vicente to let him know that Lowry was killed and Vincente starts babbling in Spanish despite them telling him to shut up. He reveals that he went and killed Lowry because he knew that John couldn’t do anything. He tells them that he is not worried about the laws he broke because his religion tells him that he has done the right thing.

I am glad that Lowry is dead because I hated him, however, I am not sure where the season goes from here. Obviously we have a lot more in store with Eve and Sally, and Meg. And Kevin. Hopefully John is in the clear a little for now because I am thinking he might have a heart attack soon if his stress level doesn’t come down. Also, I am definitely here for more of that stone cold Sissy Spacek action.

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