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BluTuesday – June 10, 2014

Yo, ProFans! I’m taking a break from visiting Florida to bring you the latest in home media releases for June 10, 2014. In this week’s episode, we discuss a reboot of a film reboot, the second-worst flight ever, a creepy mystery, a fixer who can’t fix his own problems, and a cartoon that’s more than meets the eye? All good? Let’s roll out.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (PG-13)
Rotten Tomatoes rating: 56%

Chris Pine has big shoes to fill. Stepping in to take over a role populated by Ben Affleck, Harrison Ford, and Alec Baldwin, Pine plays CIA agent Jack Ryan before he becomes JACK RYAN. The movie also stars Kevin Costner doing his best Liam Neeson impersonation (more on him later), Kenneth Branagh (who also directed the film), and Keira Knightley, and it is available in a two-disc Blu-ray/DVD + Digital Copy version, a single-disc Blu-ray version, and a single-disc DVD version. This movie didn’t really do all too well in theaters, but I’m a Chris Pine fan, and I also don’t mind seeing Keira Knightley play someone who isn’t Elizabeth Swan. So, I’ll recommend it.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Non-Stop (PG-13)
Rotten Tomatoes rating: 59%

Oh, look… it’s Niam Leeson. Neeson plays an alcoholic U.S. Air Marshall who is being sent text messages that some unspecified people will kill one person on a transatlantic flight every 20 minutes until $150 million is transferred to a certain bank account. This movie also stars Julianne Moore and Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o, and it is available in both a two-disc Blu-ray/DVD + Digital Copy version and a single-disc DVD version. Nowadays, you know what you’re getting into when Liam Neeson stars in a movie; this is no exception to that rule, so just enjoy it for what it is.


Resurrection: The Complete First Season

This show – a remake of the French TV series The Returned – is a mystery that answers this question: what would happen if your deceased loved ones returned to life? In the small town of Arcadia, Missouri, they’re finding out the answer to that question the hard way. Omar Epps stars as U.S. Immigration and Customs Agent J. Martin Bellamy as he finds himself in the middle of a supernatural investigation after a young boy named Jacob Langston (Landon Gimenez) is found in China after drowning 32 years ago. This series, which also stars Matt Craven, Kurtwood Smith, Frances Fisher, and Devin Kelley – among others, is only available in a two-disc DVD version. Please don’t let that dissuade you, though; this series is very good, and it is addictive as all get-out. On top of that, this is my pick of the week.

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Resurrection: The Complete First Season

Ray Donovan: The Complete First Season

Ray Donovan stars Liev Schreiber as the eponymous character in this Showtime drama. Donovan is a “fixer” for a powerful law firm in Los Angeles, but he starts running into problems of his own when his father Mickey Donovan (Jon Voight) gets out of jail and the FBI is gunning for the law firm and everyone who works for them – including Ray. This series, which also stars Paula Malcomson, Eddie Marsan (Inspector Lestrade from the Sherlock Holmes films), and Steven Bauer – among others, comes in both a three disc Blu-ray version and a four-disc DVD version. Liev Schreiber has always looked so menacing in his roles, and this one is no exception. He looks like he means business, and I wouldn’t want to cross him.

Ray Donovan: Season One

Transformers Animated: The Complete Series

Transformers Animated was an attempt to cash in on the recent spate of Transformers movies, and it ended up being more beloved than the movies themselves. The series mostly takes place in a futuristic Detroit, with Optimus Prime (David Kaye) being thrust into the leadership role of the Autobots, and is assisted by Prowl (Jeff Bennett), Ratchet (Corey Burton), Bulkhead (Bill Fagerbakke), and Bumblebee (Bumper Robinson). They meet Professor Issac Sumdac (Tom Kenny) and his daughter Sari (Tara Strong), and they fight to save the planet from Megatron (Corey Burton), Starscream (Tom Kenny), Blitzwing (Bumper Robinson) and the rest of the Decepticons. This series is available in a six-disc DVD version, and I really enjoyed every second of it. Go check it out!

Transformers Animated: The Complete Series

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. Got any questions or comments? Did I miss anything you want to talk about? Feel free to hit me up in the comments section below.

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