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Breaking Bad Return Date Revealed

It was announced today that Breaking Bad won’t be returning at its usual July date, but the series’ final eight episodes will instead premiere August 11.


Breaking Bad

As torturous as this is to fans of the show who are desperate to just see how it ends, this is a shrewd business move on the part of AMC. It puts the final slate of Walter White’s misadventures in direct competition with other fall television premieres, which means we’ll all have to decide which to watch (and which to DVR); it also leadsBreaking Bad right into the next season’s premiere of The Walking Dead, which is sure to be one or two weeks immediately following the series finale of Breaking Bad. Damn, AMC, you crazy like a fox bastards. They are Heisenberg; they know how to keep you hooked!

Fans did get some more cool news, though; AMC will produce Talking Bad, a discussion series to air afterBreaking Bad (just like Talking Dead with The Walking Dead), and it will undoubtedly be hosted by Chris Hardwick. Frankly, we’d be disappointed if The Nerdist himself didn’t host.

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