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Broadchurch – S2E6 – Episode 6

Previously on Broadchurch, ‘Episode 5’

The Case / The Latimers

Tom takes the stand for his father and reveals he’s been meeting Mark Laitmer in Susan Wright’s house to play video games. During one of those times, he says that Mark admitted that Danny’s death was his fault. This was a terrible way for Beth to find out where Mark has been all the times she couldn’t reach him. He says it made him feel close to Danny, and Beth hugs him as he cries.

On cross, Jocelyn is firm with Tom, but not overly so. She gets him to admit that Mark never said he killed Danny. Everyone in the courthouse is in tears.

Broadchurch S2E6 Tom

Sharon demands answers as to how her son was beaten and tells whoever is on the end of the phone that they have 60 minutes to have her son taken to someplace safe.

Mark takes the stand and testifies that he doesn’t believe Susan Wright, and that he knew meeting with Tom was wrong, but he thought it was being helpful. He is open about having sex with Becca in her car the night he son was murdered, but then he reveals something shocking: he didn’t go straight home because he sat in his car writing a note to Beth – a note to end their marriage. Beth runs out of the courtroom in tears. Ellie follows and comforts her. She insists this isn’t Mark, but Joe causing them all such pain.

Broadchurch S2E6 Mark

Then Ellie lays into Tom, blaming him for Mark taking the stand to defend the things he said. She tells him his father is a murderer and a shit and doesn’t deserve his loyalty. He’s coming home with her, whether he likes it or not.

Sharon cross examines Mark and accuses him of murdering his son because Danny witnessed him with Becca. Then he called Nigel to help him dispose of the body. Mark, of course, denies this, but he has to admit that he did get in to see Joe because an old friend was the desk sergeant on duty. Sharon then accuses Mark or gloating to an innocent man taking the blame for his crime. She moves to have the case dismissed, citing Tom can never receive a fair trial and was most likely falsely arrested. The judge agrees to give Jocelyn time to interview the police officers in charge of Tom’s processing before making a decision.

Paul visits with Joe for the last time and tells him he can no longer help him. He’s not willing to take responsibility for what he did.

Over dinner with Maggie and Ben, Jocelyn admits that she has a condition that is gradually taking her eyesight. That’s why she stopped taking classes and why she gives him all the briefs to read.

Beth and Mark have a huge fight which ends with her telling him to either be there and in it for good, or piss off. Girl, yes! 

Alec and Ellie / Sand Brook Case

While walking through the area where Pippa’s body was found, Ellie tells Alec he needs to flip it and start putting pressure on Claire an the others. Following that advice, he calls Claire and tells her she has 48 hours to move out. If she can’t keep her story straight and if she can’t keep her ass away from Lee, then he’s done. When he hangs up on her, Claire flips the fuck out and trashes the kitchen.

Next, Alec meets with his ex-wife and admits he’s having a pacemaker installed the next day. They have the whole “If anything should happen to me” talk, but she doesn’t entertain the thought of getting back together when he mentions it.

Ellie sits with the Gillepsies in their living room. Kate is drinking heavily and Ricky looks like he’s only there so he doesn’t get fined. She asks the grieving parents about a pendant Pippa is wearing in a picture and they confirm it’s the one found in Lee’s car, but later went missing from evidence – remember it was in Alec’s wife’s car while she was having sex with another cop and Alec took the blame. Later, Alec and Ellie discover that the fence between the Ashworth’s and Gillepsie’s had a door installed.

Swingers! I’m telling you! 

Ellie confronts Claire and says she agrees with Alec’s decision to boot her. Claire was under the mistaken impression they were friends. Ellie will be her friend and even talk to Alec about letting her stay if Claire will just be honest. Claire says she will be, that evening when she does Ellie’s hair.

Wait. What? I wouldn’t trust that heifer with scissors around my head!

Alec goes in for his surgery and Ellie is furious that he waited until it was done to send her a text – a text! – telling her what he was going through. Thankfully, his ex arrives and agrees to take him home. Meanwhile, Claire meets with Lee and tells him she’s been evicted. They need a plan. He accuses her of messing up their old plan (??) and then they have rough sex in the abandoned Oblivion tower he’s been living in.

Broadchurch S2E6 Alec in Hospital

While Claire does her hair, Ellie asks about whether or not Lee ever had an affair with Kate. Claire says no, but her memory of side-eye’ing the fuck out of Lee and Kate says otherwise. Also, Lisa whispered to Claire that she hated Kate. Later, Lee and Claire look at a house to buy (Um, do either of them have real jobs?) and are both affected by the family living next door – happy couple hanging out with their daughter in the backyard.

As Ellie is telling Alec’s ex that she saw a picture of Claire wearing Pippa’s locket, Claire is at her house burning the photo in the sink.

Score | 8/10Overall Thoughts: 
  • Lucy shagged Ollie and then had the nerve to gloat about it when his mother came home. I hate her.
  • I have no idea what’s going to happen with this case or the Sand Brook investigation. And I like it that way
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