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Broadchurch – S2E7 – Episode 7

Previously on Broadchurch, ‘Episode 6’

We’re getting down to the wire. Here’s where we are heading into the finale:

Sand Brook Case

Claire has taken to sleeping in these huts which look like port-a-potties on the beach. I’m hoping they’re changing sheds or something. Ellie calls her to try, once again, and get the truth. Claire admits that the necklace was hers first, not Pippa’s. Alec goes to Lee and tells him that Claire was pregnant. Lee doesn’t believe him, but Alec tells him to ask Claire. Now, we see that Alec’s memory of lying down next to Claire was with her in a hospital bed, presumably about to have an abortion.

Broadchurch S2E7 - Lee and Alec

We get more info on the Thorpe business connection – the guy who used to run the company, Gary Thorpe, dated Lisa Newberry, but it wasn’t serious and he began to stalk her. He’s not proud of it, but he admits it. He also has an alibi for the night the girls went missing – he was in the hospital for an attempted suicide. They next question Ricky about whether or not he ever gave Gary money. Alec notices a photo of bluebells. Outside Gillespie’s work trailer, Alec instructs Ellie to call the number she found on Claire’s phone. The phone inside the office rings.

Broadchurch S2E7 - Alec in Rickys Office

Lee confronts Claire about the pregnancy and by confronts I mean, he tries to drown her in the ocean. She admits to the abortion and then tries to drown him when he asks if the baby was his. These two are a hot-ass mess.

Broadchurch - Claire and Lee

Ellie and Alec figure out the lies surrounding who knew what about Thorpe and surmise that Lee must have known Lisa better than he said he did. Alec confronts him one more time, but gets the same answers.

Later, Claire and Lee break up for good.

Latimer Case

Ellie is recalled to the stand and admits to giving her sister $1,000 right before her sister came forward with seeing Joe the night of the murder. It looks as though she paid for the testimony.

Sharon all but admits to Jocelyn that the justice system can go fuck itself since it hasn’t worked for her son. This, plus her animosity towards Jocelyn, explains how she can vigorously defend a man she has to know is a murderer. In her closing argument, she places the blame on Mark Latimer. It’s pretty disgusting. 

Broadchurch S2E7 - The Latimers

Everyone rests their cases and then Jocelyn finally admits she’s in love with Maggie. I knew it!


The jury asks to see photos of the view from the house to the clifftop where Mark was parked having sex with another woman. They also want clarification as to whether or not Mark was ever a suspect. Mark doesn’t think this is good. He’s right, of course. 

The jury comes back in to say they can’t come to a verdict. The judge urges them to continue to deliberate with a unanimous verdict, but she will accept a majority decision.

In the hall, Beth reveals to Ellie that she is considering a divorce. Ellie warns her to really think about it. Feeling alone in a marriage isn’t the same as really being alone.

Claire comes marching into the courthouse and hands Alec the evidence bag with the missing necklace. He is furious, but then the jury comes back in and he drags her into the courtroom. The jury came to their decision by majority, but we have to wait until next week to hear the verdict.

Broadchurch Court House

Score | 9/10Overall Thoughts & Questions: 
  • This episode did a great job in building the tension while the jury deliberated. I had knots in my stomach the entire time.
  • Have Alec and Ellie finally managed to drive a wedge between Lee and Claire, and will one of them truly break? Claire’s dramatics at the courthouse seem to signal that she’s ready to get whatever happened off of her chest, even if it’s only to punish Lee. But can we trust anything she says?
  • Ben telling Lila she’s a horrible person was hilarious and true. I’m not interested in seeing more of her or Sharon in season 3.
  • Will they return to the Beth helps former pedophiles storyline? I sure as hell hope not.
  • Nice to see Beth being friendly with Ellie again. Ellie needs that forgiveness.
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