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Bryan Singer Teases an X-Men Apocalypse Film for 2016

Director Bryan Singer sent out a short and sweet tweet, this afternoon, teasing simply “#Xmen #Apocalypse 2016!”, and then my face exploded in ecstasy.


Singer, the director of both X-Men and X2 (the best X-Men films, to date) and the man behind next year’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, just dropped a bombshell, in a week where comic book films have dominated movie news: Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman, the first official trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 debuted, and now we have confirmation that Apocalypse will finally be hitting the big screen in just two years. What a time to be a geek!


Ever since the announcement that Days of Future Past would be adapted to film, I’ve hoped and wished the next logical step would just have to be–have to be–an adaptation of Age of Apocalypse, and now it looks like this is a 99% confirmation that it’s happening (they could always just be using Apocalypse in some other fashion, but that would be ridiculous, dammit!). Age of Apocalypse is one of the biggest and most-acclaimed story arcs in X-Men history; it also happens to a) be my favorite story arc and b) heavily feature my favorite X-Men character: Bishop (whom we already know will be in X-Men Days of Future Past, in some capacity).

Age of Apocalypse is a huge story arc, though, and I always imagined it could be brought to the screen in a trilogy all its own. With that in mind, could it be possible that the storyline could play out over the span of three films:  the Days of Future Past sequel, the Wolverine sequel, and the in-development X-Force film? How sweet would that be?

UPDATE 12/6: The film is tentatively titled X-Men: Apocalypse and scheduled for a May 27, 2016, release. I. Cannot. Wait.

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