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The Walking Dead – S3

Episode recaps of The Walking Dead season 3.

The Walking Dead – S3E14 – Prey

March 18, 2013 // 7 Comments

Previously, on The Walking Dead: “Arrow on the Doorpost“. “Prey” opens with a flashback to Andrea and Michonne’s days together out in the [...]

The Walking Dead – S3E12 – Clear

March 4, 2013 // 12 Comments

Previously on The Walking Dead “I Ain’t a Judas.” We open with Rick, Michonne, and Carl driving down the road. No one is speaking. They pass a hitchhiker, [...]

The Walking Dead – S3E10 – Home

February 17, 2013 // 4 Comments

Previously on The Walking Dead: “The Suicide King“. Following the fact that last week’s episode ended with Rick going cuckoo banana nuts, it’s no [...]
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