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Chanse’s ProFan Review: No Hero

No Hero | Cover

It is no secret around these parts that I get a bit obsessed with the Lovecraft. I have loved Howard Phillips’ stories since I was a wee young’un, and I get a little tight in the pants whenever I hear the words “Stygian” and “eldritch”. Thusly, when the good folks at Titan Books passed along a volume with the words “sanity-ripping cosmic horrors” in the description, I leapt upon it in a most unflattering way. And I must say, I have never been more satisfied with one of their products.

Jonathan Wood’s No Hero is the story of Arthur Wallace, your average British police detective, who happens to have a penchant for Kurt Russell movies. On the trail of a supposed serial killer, Arthur happens upon an otherworldly scene involving a lady with a sword and a corpse with tentacles sprouting from its neck. (I fucking love it when there are tentacles.) Impressed with his reaction in the face of danger, a clandestine office of British Intelligence immediately recruits him to aid in its fight against these creatures from another dimension, and the fun and hilarity ensues.

The adventure is high, the pace frenetic, the characters deep, and the horrors cosmic. Whether your bag is otherwordly horror or police action, you’ll be equally satisfied with this read. I, for one, am absolutely sold on this writer, this story, and this series, and I am looking forward with very tight pants for the upcoming sequel.

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