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Antebellum Marvel: Civil War #2

Previously in Front Line #1

I’m traveling the road to Civil War with Marvel so I can be caught up by the time this storyline hits the big screen. Please do not comment with spoilers if you’re familiar with this particular story arc, but you are welcome to provide non-spoiler answers to any questions I may ask in the review. If you are interested in following along, here’s the reading order I’ll be following

Civil War #2 Cover

  • Issue: Civil War #2
  • Writer: Mark Millar
  • Penciler: Steve McNiven
  • Inker: Dexter Vines
  • Colorist: Morry Hollowell
  • Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos
Who’s In It:

Tony Stark (Iron Man), Peter Parker (Spider-Man), Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Sue Storm, Tigra, She-Hulk

What Happens:

Captain America has been taking care of so many super-criminals, so quickly, it doesn’t take long before Maria Hill correctly guesses he’s not working alone. Meanwhile, superheroes who have registered (Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, She-Hulk, and more) are basking in the glow of public appreciation. And J. Jonah Jameson is just loving it all. He can’t wait for Spider-Man to be declared a pubic menace or dangerous fugitive.

Cap Not Alone

As soon as the Act becomes law, unregistered superheroes, who are out trying to do good work, are hunted and arrested. That is until Captain America stages a rescue as they’re being transported to prison. He frees them and welcomes them to the Resistance.

Welcome to the Resistance

Finally, the highlight of the issue: Peter Parker reveals to the world he is Spider-Man.

I am Spider-Man

Overall Thoughts & Notes:
  • Reed is working on some secret project of Stark’s, as well as something secret on a disc marked ’42.’
  • Poor Johnny Storm is still in the hospital.
  • I’m happy to see more story progression, but frustrated that after four issues we’ll really at the same point with this Spider-Man reveal.


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