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Colony – S1E4 – Blind Spot

Previously on Colony, ’98 Seconds’

Based on this episode alone I am so happy this show has been renewed for a second season.

Phyllis lets Will in on a secret: She doesn’t think the Resistance is one large organism operating under Geronimo, but a bunch of independent cells inspired by his message. Their real problem will begin if they ever get their shit together and join forces.

Katie proves her commitment to the cause by allowing her house to be firebombed. This gets her into see Phyllis, who doubts Katie’s story. Katie is shocked to learn that part of Phyllis’ guarantee for her family’s safety was to threaten all of their neighbors with retaliation if anything happens to Katie, her family, or their home.

Welp. Looks like Will and Katie won’t be invited to anymore barbecues.

Images: USA Network

Images: USA Network

Phyllis may not have any proof that Katie was lying, but her team did find tapes of Geronimo’s broadcasts in their son’s room. Phyllis offers to keep quiet about it, but Will has to question his son. Thanks to the information he receives, they’re able to capture the man who is transmitting the shows, but Will is convinced he’s not Geronimo. (P.S. I do not know this boy’s name and IMDB was of no help. Also, didn’t rewind because lazy.)

Katie gets one more reassurance from Quayle that Will won’t be harmed, and then she IDs a photo of Phyllis and confirms she’s the boss.

Colony - Season 1

Then shit gets super crazy.

Phyllis shows up at Katie’s bar with pictures of Katie at the scene of the mission where the Resistance member was killed. Katie will now be working for Phyllis.

Well, maybe not. The Resistance sends Broussard to Phyllis’ house, and it’s not a friendly visit. And it probably wasn’t that hard for him to access her home seeing as how he’s a Red Hat.

Colony - Season 1

Colony S1E4
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Well, I certainly didn’t see THAT coming. Okay, Colony. I see you. I’m in. Except the stuff going on with Katie’s sister. I don’t yet care about any of that.

This family would stay winning if they ever all just sat down and told each other the truth. They could work the Resistance and Homeland Security to their advantage.

How much longer are we going to go without any word on their missing son?

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