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Colony – S1E5 – Geronimo

Previously on Colony, ‘Blind Spot’

Proxy Snyder has a problem: He broadcast to the entire L.A. colony that Geronimo has been captured, but he hasn’t. What Snyder has is the man who acted as the voice of Geronimo in pirate radio broadcasts, and an ad executive and graphic designer who were designing the Resistance propaganda. Unwilling to take the L and piss off their hosts, Snyder convinces the voice actor to pose as Geronimo through a public trial with a promise that he’ll be let go and relocated later. Of course, he’s lying and has the man publicly hanged.

Images: USA Network

Images: USA Network

Meanwhile, Will is placed in charge after Phyllis’ murder. Since she was killed inside the supposedly safe Green Zone, Will is sure there’s a leak in Homeland Security. Couple that with Phyllis’ own suspicion about the GR and the broadcast scripts being found in a pipe line which leads to the GR, and Snyder reluctantly gives Will permission to quietly investigate the higher ups who live there. Will immediately accuses McMahon. She claps back hard and tells Will he might want to look in his own house and questions why Phyllis wanted to speak with his wife alone.


Will breaks the news of Phyllis’ murder to Katie (who already knew because she overheard Beau telling Will), and she pretends to be shocked. He wants to know what Phyllis said to her in their meeting, and Katie admits that Phyllis questioned their marriage.

Bram and Pia sneak outside the colony to the find the city abandoned and ruined. They are able to load up on forbidden contraband like coffee and markers for Bram’s little sister. When Will sees the gift, he suspects Bram is still involved in dangerous activities.

Snyder’s announcement about Geronimo’s capture and upcoming trial only serves to push the Resistance harder. Along with Katie, they prepare to make a move against Snyder.

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Colony S1E5
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What the hell happened in Will and Katie’s marriage that she keeps such secrets and he’s immediately suspicious of his wife on the word of someone he just met?

It’s to this show’s credit that we’re five episodes in, I’m invested, and I’m not dying to know what the aliens look like.

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  1. Here’s what I am interested to see 1/ the factory 2/ more backstory on how it happened. I’m assuming that they invaded all of earth and there are colonies across the world. 3/ the aliens yes but maybe it’s not aliens and it’s people?

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