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Colony – S1E6 – Yoknapatawpha

Previously on Colony, ‘Geronimo’

This week’s Colony was the most intense episode yet. Set inside Katie’s bar, The Yoknapatawpha, her involvement with the Resistance almost came to light as Will and Snyder took shelter in the bar after an ambush.

Images: USA Network

Images: USA Network

Following the faux-Geronimo’s public execution, Snyder insists that Will ride with him to his next appointment. He has something important he wants to discuss. The Resistance, led by Broussard (and including Katie) ambush the proxy’s convoy, with some Red Hats revealing themselves to be traitors. Surprisingly, Broussard kept his promise to Katie and didn’t shoot Will in the face, which allowed Snyder to get away.

Colony - Season 1

Katie isn’t in the bar three minutes before Will and Snyder arrive seeking safety. Katie has to figure out a way to get Snyder to the Resistance without blowing her cover and without Will getting hurt. As she tends to Will’s wound, she suggests turning Snyder over, but Will isn’t so sure Snyder’s replacement would be much better. He’d rather stick with the devil they know.

Snyder senses he may not be completely safe (and possibly eavesdropping on their conversation didn’t hurt), and informs the couple he’s close to getting Charlie back. He claims he was going to connect Will with someone very influential who can bring their son home. Now Katie has to decide if she can trust Snyder’s word or if she should go back on hers.

Once Broussard arrives in his Red Hat gear to search the bar, he and Katie have a brief moment to speak out of Will’s earshot. Broussard wants Katie to get Snyder through the backdoor where they’ll be waiting. This proves next to impossible. When Quayle is tired of waiting, he orders Broussard to go in, even if it means taking out Will.

Colony - Season 1

We finally get to see why Will was such a big deal. He singlehandedly takes care of most of the Red Hats, except the one Katie shoots in the back to save his life. The Resistance comes up empty, Snyder is safe, Broussard gets away, and Katie’s cover remains intact… for now.

Colony - Season 1

Colony S1E6
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I remained pleased that I gave this show a chance.

I love the way the story twists and changes, but not in over-the-top ways that don’t feel earned. It doesn’t feel like it’s plot twist for the sake of having one. Katie is a terrifying position and Sarah Wayne Callies really sells having to make split-second decisions that are literally life and death.

Through Katie’s conversation with Snyder we learn more about how isolated the colony is – Katie was surprised to learn there are 6 other colonies spread between California, Oregon, and Washington. Snyder refers to parts of the country as bad places Katie wouldn’t want to see. Makes me wonder if there are whole resistance colonies.

Throughout the final five minutes I was sure Will was going to confront Katie about being Resistance, but he seems to still be in the dark. And now that Quayle is convinced Katie’s a double agent, I’m not sure Katie will be able to keep this secret for much longer.

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