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Colony – S1E7 – Broussard

Previously on Colony, ‘Yoknapatawpha’

This episode may have solidified Katie’s relationship with Broussard, but it also put Will one step closer to learning about her involvement with the Resistance.

While Will’s team tries to nail down Broussard’s true identity, Broussard and Quayle are staging a scene hoping to trick Homeland Security into thinking Broussard was killed by the Resistance to ensure he wouldn’t speak if caught. When Beau and Will find the charred remains, Beau is ready to declare the case closed, but Will is sure Broussard is still out there.

Images: USA Network

Images: USA Network

Broussard meets with Katie to kill her (Quayle’s orders), but he can’t do it. Later, when Katie is shown photos of the cell members Broussard killed to keep quiet, she gives Will a tip on where Broussard may live. Since they found his prints in different places around Katie’s bar, Will knew Broussard had been in before, posing as a customer.

Will’s team is on their way when Katie has her own change of heart and she calls to warn Broussard. By the time Will arrives, Broussard is gone. He does have a short exchange with Quayle, who posed as Broussard’s neighbor.

Colony - Season 1

Will spots a paperback novel among Broussard’s belongings and picks it up. It’s the same novel Katie used earlier to decipher a message from the Resistance. Has Will seen Katie’s copy? Is he finally starting to piece this together?

Madeline’s subplot just snuck up on me. She agreed to have sex with her boss’ husband, Mr. Burgess (Adrian Pasdar) while the boss watches. When he tries to get Madeline to have sex with him when his wife, Charlotte Burgess (Kathryn Morris) isn’t home, she shuts him down. The maid snitches to the Charlotte, and next thing you know Madeline is demoted and Charlotte threatens to take her son’s insulin away. This is not going to end well.

Colony - Season 1

Colony S1E7
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Other Thoughts

One of the most important things to happen in this episode only lasted a few moments. The Bowman’s Homeland Security appointed nanny is teaching their daughter some very dangerous things about a man who is supposed to rise from the dead to give the world a chance to start over. And I don’t think she’s talking about Jesus.

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