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Colony – S1E8 – In From the Cold

Previously on Colony, ‘Broussard

This episode was great because at any given time, I wasn’t sure who was currently getting over with their manipulations.

Will is already suspicious that all is not right with Katie when Quayle calls and straight out tells Will that Katie is in the Resistance. He will turn her in unless Will can get him a deal and safe passage out of the block. He’ll even throw in Broussard, which is more than enough to get Snyder to grant Will’s request.

Images: USA Network

Images: USA Network

Will purposely lets this slip to Katie, and she in turn warns Broussard, but he doesn’t believe it. He’s so sure Quayle wouldn’t snitch that Broussard asks him point blank if he’s working with the authorities. Quayle flips it and tells Broussard it’s Katie he can’t trust.

Though during the sting operation, Katie proves her worth by warning Broussard when she spots Red Hats. Broussard and Katie get away, Quayle is swept back into custody, but Resistance member Rachel is killed.

Colony - Season 1

Furious that the operation failed, Snyder wants Quayle’s immunity stripped and orders him interrogated. Will can’t have that, of course, so he arranges to be alone with Quayle and then he kills him and the Red Hats on guard. Beau is so ride or die he goes along with the story that Broussard got to Quayle. Snyder knows something stinks with their story and warns them that if there are any more screw-ups they’ll be sent to the factory.

Three bodies, including Rachel’s, are hanging in the street as a message to anyone thinking of rebelling. Katie is devastated, but Broussard appears and reminds her this is why they fight. At home, Will delivers the news that Quayle was killed. He doesn’t reveal what he knows about her, even though it’s clear that Quayle’s last words about how duplicitous Katie can be are weighing heavily on him.

Colony - S1E8
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Partway through the episode I was sure that Rachel would be revealed as the real mastermind behind the resistance. I was so damn wrong.

Every time Katie and Will are together the air between them is thick with secrets. I found myself holding my breath, waiting for one of them to snap. Though I did find it laughable that Katie got pissed at him for telling the kids about Charlie without consulting her first. Girl, stop. You’re keeping ALL THE SECRETS.

Still not investing in the other storylines like the son working with the teacher on a telescope or Katie’s sister having sex for insulin, so it worked for me that there was little to none of either in this episode. Looking forward to seeing what Snyder’s boss has in store for him. Feels like he’s headed for failure. And what was up with the bleeding factory worker? Just two more episodes, but still many questions.

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