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Colony – S1E9 – Zero Day

Previously on Colony‘In From the Cold’

Will and Beau play into Snyder’s workplace paranoia and sell him on the idea that a Resistance cell is operating on the other side of the wall. This is their first step in clearing a way for them to make a break for it.

Broussard and Katie have different ways of dealing with the fallout from Quayle’s betrayal. He warns her to shut off emotions as he does and just push through. Katie prefers to feel every bit of the pain to fuel her participation in the Resistance. Whether this difference of opinion will have a major effect on their partnership is put on hold so they can parlay with a few of Broussard’s friends, also in the Resistance.

Images: USA Network

Images: USA Network

They know someone high up on the governmental chain of command is being brought into the block via the subway. The plan is to kidnap this VIP, Hyperion, before they can enter the city. To make sure Katie is up to the task, Broussard trains her in some target practice in the basement of her bar. Once again, he tries to prepare for her the changes she’ll go through the longer she takes part in the Resistance. Katie doesn’t waver.

Colony - Season 1

Charlotte Burgess reaches peak petty when she makes Madelyn clean her nasty-ass kitchen. Madelyn scrubs till it sparkles then offers her boss the inside info on a hidden, rare art collection as a way of apologizing. Charlotte accepts and beams when Madelyn tells her she’ll keep a particularly expensive piece out of the catalog so Charlotte can keep it for herself. In turn, Charlotte offers Madelyn a better position working for her.


Will and Beau stage a Resistance hideout in an abandoned building overlooking the city. This the first time they’ve seen what the world is like beyond the wall and it isn’t pretty. The city is in ruins and the roads are blocked with deserted vehicles of traffic, left behind during a mass exodus. Snyder learns of the tunnel under the wall and wants to cave it in. Will convinces him to leave it open to set a trap for the Resistance, but really he and Beau plan to use it in their attempt to escape.

Later, Will does that annoying thing where he talks to Katie in hypotheticals and gets her to admit that she’d leave what they have and go on the run if it meant they could all be together. Katie has no idea this conversation is for realsies.

Someone called in a tip about the Burgess’ secret art collection, with pieces that should be “up there” with their hosts. Charlotte is taken into custody, even though she screams that Madelyn set her up. Mr. Burgess totally throws his wife under the bus and claims he had no part in it. Nicely played, Madelyn.

When Katie cryptically insists that Bram babysit, he knows she’s going out to do something secretive and dangerous. Katie then spends some time with her daughter and finds that indoctrination book the nanny gave her. She loses it, understandably.

But when Will comes home, there’s no time to talk about the Scientology-esque mess going on with their daughter because Will is ready to hit the road so they can go live in Beau’s cabin up in Big Bear. Katie is like, what in the entire fuck? I know, girl. I know. She is so not on board with this bullshit so Will confronts her about her lies. Then they spend time screaming at each other about all the treason they’ve been committing… outside… in their backyard… loudly.

Either way, Katie ain’t bout this on the run life so Will meets with Beau to tell him to leave without them. Surprisingly, Beau does just that. Up until this point I was sure Beau couldn’t be trusted. I mean, how the hell do they even know the cabin is still there?

Colony - Season 1

Broussards training pays off because Katie is a beast on the subway mission. Either it was his training or Katie played lots of Call of Duty before the occupation. They easily kill several guards in one of the stations and even more when the explosives they planted rocks the train off its tracks. In addition to the dead guards, they also find the VIP – knocked out and wearing a helmet.

Colony S1E9
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Damn this was a great episode.

The Will and Katie confrontation was perfect. I’ve been saying all season that it’s bizarre for Katie to not tell her husband what she’d been doing. And learning that Will was such a big deal in the military made it so that she should have known he could handle it. This fight made it clear that these two simply don’t know how to communicate, but I still suspect there’s more going on. They don’t trust each other. For the first time, I thought I felt a kind of sexual/romantic chemistry between Katie and Broussard. Just my imagination?

I’m curious to see what’s under that helmet, but I still maintain that the aliens’ appearance isn’t something I need to see to continue to enjoy this series. The political machinations and relationship building have been extremely satisfying.

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