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Coming Soon: The Sims 4

There is an official release date for Sims 4. Whoooo!! On September 2nd, you can once again live vicariously through miniature electronic versions of yourself.

Sims 4

I’m a little dubious. With Sims 3 what EA essentially did was take Sims 2, cut a bunch of stuff out, threw in some bugs, and slapped a Sims 3 label on it. Hopefully the same isn’t true for Sims 4. They claim it’ll be a completely different game, which should be awesome. They’re promising new emotions, more control of choices, unique personalities and distinct appearances. The appearances part I’m excited about. There’s currently only a small handful of different looks and everybody is basically the same person. It’s lame. But this game promises new easy-to-use build tools to create more original looking people and to design your homes. This looks like it has great potential.

Sims Dreaming of Underwear

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