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Containment – Episode 10: A Time to Be Born

Previously on Containment, “A Kingdom Divided Amongst Itself”

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Sabine versus Everyone

Sabine’s sincerity is out the window as the puzzle pieces of her deceit fall into place. Her first move is to show the press the sick and dying soldiers sent into the cordon 48 hours prior. The “people” are in love. They like Sabine’s hard-line attitude and open dialog, “Make the cordon great again?”

The Chief is confirmed as her inside man. We knew he coordinated getting the SAT phone into the cordon. We didn’t know he ordered the murder of two women who had details on the research that lead to the virus. Lex feels betrayed and is even more determined to find as much concrete evidence on Sabine and take her down. Unregistered phone calls, offshore accounts, Sabine claims Lex is out of his depth, but he asks her to resign. She agrees to hold a press conference. I believe Sabine will resign as much as I believe a cookie has fewer calories if you eat it in one bite.

A Child is Born

BitScan OB-GYN is open for business. Dennis makes his last ain’t shit appearance of the show, riddled with disease and fake remorse. Suzy has sense enough to turn him away. Teresa has the first baby of the v-poc. Lots of screaming and sweating, but no swearing. Luckily Jake shows up just in time to deliver Leanne, the most adorable jelly covered mocha baby in the cordon. 

Jake and Katie 

While quarantined, Katie makes the most of her captive audience with Dr. Cannerts and reminds the audience of his transgressions: his creation and release of the virus, his contact with the real patient zero, his involvement in the cover-up and the reveal that the virus takes more than 48 hours to manifest symptoms in its host. Dr. Cannerts claims he is close to a cure, or something like a cure. This provides no reassurance for Katie as she considers him a coward, which he is. Jake and Katie are virtually holding hands and making plans for a date after quarantine, and just when Jake is looking particularly dreamy, Katie coughs up blood onto the glass. Damn.

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