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Containment – Episode 12: Yes is the Only Living Thing

Previously on Containment, “Nothing Gold Can Stay” 

[…imagine that yes is

The only living thing] and we’ll make yes.

~ e.e. cummings.

“Welcome to Cordon P.D.”

Shows like Game of Thrones have a thing of turning the penultimate episode of a season into a game-changer. We’ve looked on in horror as Ned Stark lost his head; screamed in terror at the Red Wedding; and experienced shock and awe when Tyrion Lannister engulfed Stannis Baratheon’s army with wildfire. While Containment offers nothing as momentous as these three examples, it still sets out its own stall with confidence.

Images: The CW

Images: The CW

“Yes Is The Only Living Thing” brings the main cast together at last. Inside the cordon, the only topic for discussion is escape. Outside, Lex is given the unenviable task of preventing such an occurrence, even to the point of executing (albeit reluctantly) those who hope to survive the virus. Following on from Leo’s clues, Lex investigates hidden payments made to Bad Cop Meese and a mysterious lady called Katrina Hobbs. It turns out the Hobbs’ son, Noah, is actually the real Patient Zero. He got infected when he was working at a bio-lab set up by Sabine Lommers and her associates. Their goal was to create a virus so they could prevent future bio-terrorism attacks. And if everyone inside the cordon has to die because of this, then that’s a price Lommers is willing to pay. Lex, in the end, has to make a deal with a devil with a PhD. “Grow up, Lex,” Sommers says in defiance. “I’m your best defense.”


Katie is dead – and Jake is a broken man. He’s had to cremate her body, comfort her grieving son, and look for solace in a bottle of rum. It’s while he’s on a booze run that he bumps into Jana at the store and finds out about Meese’s escape plan. Very soon, every one of the main cast is involved. In a touching scene, Teresa introduces Micheline and Bert to their new great-grand-daughter. Knowing that her own daughter is probably dead, Micheline gives Teresa her a string of pearls – an early 21st birthday present – hoping that she’ll use it to pay for her place in the escape team. Bert and Micheline have nothing left to give, and it looks like the old lady’s infected leg could be the end of her.

Jake is resorted to redeeming jewelry and valuables from the personal belongings of people he’s cremated. He offers up a silent “thank you” to whomever or whatever may be listening. The team of Bitscan break into the office safe and find a bracelet meant for Suzy (she thinks) – a token of love from her long-gone paramour. When the children turn up at the meeting point, Meese is reluctant to take them, but is persuaded when Sam and Jake elect to remain behind. Jake has to protect Dr Cannerts, anyway. The “good” doctor’s life is in danger when one of Trey’s men is sprayed with the blood of an infected patient, thanks to Trey’s trigger-happy finger. If Cannerts doesn’t come up with a vaccine soon, he’s for the high-jump. Jake makes good on his promise to Katie, though, by making sure Quentin is on the escape team.


I’m left wondering if one more episode is going to be enough to close off Containment’s one series story satisfactorily. With so much left to be decided by the end of next week, I cannot help but think there will be plot threads left hanging. On the one hand, we have the combined forces of Bitscan, Meese, and the young family hoping for a way out; on the other, we have Lex and his forces looking to stop them. It is plain to see that Lex and Jana will meet at some stage, but whose side will the Major take? Then we have Cannerts’ last ditch desperate attempt to find a vaccine, with a literal gun pointed to his head. As last week’s episode finally proved, not everyone will make it out alive.

There is still plenty of story left to tell, and I hope Containment gets the finale it and its cast deserve.

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  1. I stopped watching this episode after dude went to get some liquor. I’m still pissed they killed Katie.

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