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Containment – Episode 5: Like a Sheep Among Wolves

Previously on Containment, “With Silence and Tears”

“It’s a little metaphor called hope, you idiot.”

While it’s a bad day (Day 7, for those of us counting) for viewers who were hoping for a second season of Containment, even though it is billed as a Limited Event Series, it’s an even worse day for the denizens inside the cordon sanitaire. Food is rapidly running out, and a deep sense of lawlessness has taken over. The Powers That Be, i.e. Lommers and her cohorts, offer Major Lex a chance at being more proactive. He’s not suited for the role of PR, so although he has issues with how fast Lommers wants a planned food drop to take place, he’s willing to give it his best shot.

Images: The CW

Images: The CW

Lommers broadcasts to those caught inside that help is on the way, laying out guidelines of how it’s going to happen. Xander’s new “gang” take this as an opportunity to make a fast buck for themselves, bringing Teresa’s reluctant boyfriend along for the ride. Lex takes the opportunity also to ask Jake to pass on the keys of his place on to Jana, if he happens to see her. (Which Jake does, later, before things turn to shit for her and the team at Bitscan.)

But what Lex doesn’t know is that his partner Meese, whom Lex leaves behind in the cordon when he cuts himself, is working behind the Major’s back and is reporting directly to Lex’s chief, Besser. Who he’s reporting to doesn’t take much guessing, as Katie discovers some discrepancies when she makes her own investigations into how and when the virus started. Seemingly Burt delivered rats to the hospital before there was even a Patient Zero, and the two hospital staff succumbed to the virus well before the Syrian was brought to the hospital. Dr Cannaerts lies his lying ass off when Katie confronts him.

Things go south pretty quickly at the food drop. Jake and what’s left of his team do what they can, but they’re unable to prevent Trey (Mykel Shannon Jenkins) and his gang from stealing a large consignment of food parcels.


Back at Bitscan, Jana and her freshly acquired food parcel is confronted by some thugs in the parking lot, but Sam comes to his rescue. He accompanies Jana to the top of the building where he’s met with hostility by her two male colleagues. Fresh tension ensues. It’s good that there’s a little shake-up in their arrangement. I suspect it won’t go well for some people.

Jake has a breakdown later when a little girl, homeless and without her family, dies after he takes pity on her at the drop, dies. He incinerates her body, as well as that of his partner Paul, who blew his own brains out in front of Jake rather than die a horrible death as a result of his own infection. It’s a torrid time for Jake, and Chris Woods portrays his anguish excellently.

Like a Sheep Among Wolves is the most involving episode of the series so far. Each of the characters got their own satisfying arc, and although Teresa and her mother weren’t featured this week, no doubt Xander’s association, albeit by gunpoint, will have severe repercussions soon. The beginnings of a conspiracy heighten the tension several notches and it will be intriguing to see how this week’s revelations play out for the remaining five episodes. In my opinion, however, as good as Containment is, episode five came too late for many viewers. Still, I’m here for what’s left.

The cast are good, and even the supporting roles are well played. Everyone in this show has a story to tell, but not all of them will have happy endings.

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  1. The conspiracy angle just made this show greater. CW messed up cancelling this. It could have stayed a limited summer series.

  2. I agree. There were some real surprises in this episode. Now we can hope the story gets a proper conclusion.

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