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Containment – Episode 8: There is a Crack in Everything

Previously on Containment, “Inferno”

This week’s episode finally got back to the business of finding a cure.

Ring the bells that still can ring.

Forget your perfect offering.

There is a crack in everything.

That’s how the light gets in.

-Leonard Cohen

CSI: Atlanta

It’s CSI: Atlanta inside the walls of the Atlanta Midtown Hospital as Jake and Kate review the recently unscrambled hospital footage from day one of the outbreak. Patient zero is Dr. Ginger’s paramour. The only good thing patient zero did was quarantine himself. The rest, well, he can rot… I guess that’s too late. With the assistance of Lex and our intrepid cordon-bound reporter, we find out that Dr. Cannerts not only shipped the virus to the hospital, but he may have created it.

I did not see that coming.

Jake and Kate Get Cozy

I have purposefully ignored this contrived love story. Jake has significantly more chemistry with Jana, but that is another story. Once word broke that Thomas might be the key to the cure, Jake starts dreaming of white picket fences, Labrador retrievers named Skip, and a life with Kate and her son. Kate, on the other hand, has rejoiced in the break from her life of debt and stress-filled co-parenting. Jake professes his love for her, which leads to an awkward quarantine make-up session with only a shower curtain liner as a barrier. Yes. They made out through a shower curtain liner.

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Thomas has the Power

After four whole days of testing, Dr. Cannerts believes that sweet Thomas is key to the cure, and of course the CDC wants to get its hands on him. How do they get Thomas out of the cordon? Use the man that almost broke in, Lex. A questionable plan to extract the boy is approved, set in motion, and leads to three things:

1) The discovery that Thomas is an asymptomatic carrier and not immune to the disease.

2) Lex and Sabine are quarantined in the ship container wall.

3) The quarantined Atlanta residents have begun to riot.

Jana and the Holograms

The crew has a plan to escape through the underground tunnels beneath a nearby church. This decision might be worse than the one to get Thomas out of the cordon. Sam and Dennis take point on this mission impossible and wind up concussed for good measure. Dennis finally takes his raggedy ass home to his wife and children and Suzy is left heartbroken.

The title of this episode was taken from a quote by Leonard Cohen: A crack in the Dr. Cannerts’ intentions; a crack in Jake’s dream world with Kate; an actual crack in the cordon wall; and cracks in most of the relationships on the show. As human beings will always work to mend those cracks, how will our contained friends mend the crack or will they make it worse?

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