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Containment – Episode 9: A Kingdom Divided Amongst Itself

Previously on Containment, “There is a Crack in Everything”

“…How can Satan drive out Satan?

24 If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.”

Mark 3:23-24

It’s still day 13 and shit has gotten very real. Trash cans fly, tear gas is dispersed, Molotov cocktails, stampedes; it’s like Black Friday without the second rate discount electronics.

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In the midst of chaos we eat wine and cheese

Because the middle of a riot is the perfect time to be John Mayer and Taylor Swift, Jake and Kate decide to have a picnic date with acoustic guitar. I don’t know what they should have been doing instead. Counting rations? Playing with the kids? Not wasting good snacks on a picnic during the v-poc? Their time is disrupted by the pesky riot happening outside their door and a botched escape plan by one of the parents. In the end, one of the children loses their life and Kate ends up covered in virus-tainted blood, self-quarantine is the only answer. As much as the JK relationship gets under my skin, it’s terrible to see the moment Kate realizes her life could be over and her son made an orphan.

Xander and Theresa link up with Glenn, I mean Tara, while she is out on a run for a pregnancy test for Lori, I mean Suzy. Yes, Suzy told Dennis she might be pregnant and that was part of the reason he rolled out the night before. Tara being the friend she is told her to knuckle up and stop messing with married men.


The show finally caught up to the flash-forward in episode one. The riot is going full speed ahead with no signs of stopping. While chaos in the cordon rages on, Lex and Sabine are in a world all their own. In such close quarters they have little choice but to bond during their 48-hour quarantine and pretending like neither of them has to pee for 48-hours takes talent. Grimacing and snipping at each other gets old so they call a truce and Lex gets a few answers about the virus. The who and why: Sabine does not know, but she is resentful towards the lack of complexity in how it attacks and kills the host. She is the first person to refer to it as a living thing and not just a terribly deadly cold. The where: The CDC knew the virus was a viable threat, but didn’t know when it would be released. Whether she actually gives a damn: She does, but she has a job to do and she can’t let her personal feelings get in the way of managing the virus. Lex is the Ned Stark of this show and his forever-righteous attitude is put in check, at least for another 24 hours.

Our intrepid reporter uses his connections with the NSA and determines patient zero called someone on a secured line aka government agency. Was Henry Burns a plant? Who else in the CDC knew about the virus and set it loose on Atlanta? Are we to still believe that Sabine only knew about it once it became a threat?

After a few snooze-worthy episodes this week’s kicked it up a notch with action and impending sense of danger for everyone involved. With only four episodes remaining, and most of our main characters still alive and well, we’re bound to see some significant deaths in the coming weeks.

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