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While the War Rages, The Games Begin in Marvel’s Contest of Champions


The Marvel Universes may have been erased from existence during their title-sweeping Secret Wars event, but that clearly won’t stop its heroes and villains from engaging in combat for their very lives! This October, Al Ewing (Judge Dredd, Loki: Agent of Asgard) and Paco Medina (Nova, The Legendary Star-Lord) will introduce us to the brutality of the Battlerealm in Contest of Champions!

The ongoing series, inspired by the mega-popular mobile game, will feature a number of Marvel characters that are transported to this void within space and time. What makes this ongoing series particularly intriguing is no one is safe throughout the shattered universes, living or dead. While the numerous super-beings fight their rogues, allies, or possibly their own alternate selves, the mystery of Battlerealm looms over them. Who placed them in this otherworldly expanse? Why must they fight? The answers will come, but only a few will be around to find out.

Be on the lookout for a number of variant covers by Mark Bagley, Skottie Young, Leinil Yu and many others!

Marvel’s Contest of Champions #1 will be available at stores and digital this October 7!

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