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Continuum – S2E1 – Second Chances

Continuum S2


Bad, Very Wrong Dreams

Keira’s being wheeled down a hallway on a gurney by a man dressed in black. She’s kinda out of it, but not so much so that she can’t hop off the gurney and make a run for it, which is what she does. She’s quickly recaptured by two men, one of which injects her with a needle. She’s dragged away unconscious and placed in a cage with bars along the top and heavy plastic walls. She comes to and looks around in a panic. She sees something in another cage that causes her to pound on the walls.


Continuum Kiera

She awakens in bed, in the future, with her husband. She says her dream gave her a headache and it feels as though something went wrong with her CMR. This concerns Greg, but Kiera doesn’t notice as she tries to comfort their son who was awakened by her cries. Greg stares at the satellite outside their bedroom window.


Continuum Greg


What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Back in 2012, Sonya has pulled a gun on Travis. Remember, they’re in a supply closet of the hospital where Kagame was born. Kagame tasked Sonya with taking money to his mother before he killed himself in the bombing at the end of season one. Travis was kept in the dark on this plan and Sonya reveals that Kagame had also ordered her to kill Travis. Travis doesn’t believe she’ll do it, but she does. A lot. She shoots him several times and starts to shoot him some more when she’s interrupted by an orderly, who promptly gets his ass kicked. She leaves quietly after.

Travis is found and rushed to a triage room where doctors and nurses try to revive him. They’re unable to and call his death. As they move about the room. Travis’ body starts to jump as charges flow through him. He rises suddenly and kills a few doctors and hurts everyone else. He runs out the room and a brave doctor manages to inject him before being knocked down. Travis is finally taken down by some cops as the drug starts to kick in. He yells for Sonya.

Travis is super pissed.


Continuum Travis

Kiera’s Back

We flash forward a week later and two men and a woman hack their way into the loading area of some kind of industrial building.


Continuum hack

A guard tells them they can’t be there, but before the woman can shoot the guard, an invisible person kicks all three of the intruders’ asses. It’s Kiera! She reveals herself with her suit and tells the guard he didn’t see anything and that he should probably run along now. He wisely does.

Alec = MIA

Alec is staying with a friend and being all mysterious about why. At a bar, Kiera leaves a voicemail for Alec and acknowledges it’s the fourth one she has left for him without a return call. She says she knows it has something to do with his message from “you know who.” Season one ended with Alec admitting that he sent her back on purpose and that she wouldn’t believe why. If he ever told her why, we didn’t see it.

Call me, maybe?

Call me, maybe?

Matthew meets Kiera at the bar and there’s some banter about their love/hate/sex relationship. She basically blackmails him into giving her money since she’s the reason he’s free and has money to begin with. As she leaves he tells her, “I was just starting to get over you.”


The mayor is being briefed on what to say to the press who are waiting outside. Her aide is telling her to focus on the Liber8 arrests that were made last season –  including Alec’s stepbrother Julian – and Travis in this episode, and to avoid admitting that they have nothing on the terrorist groups’ ties to organized crime. Just as she’s about to give a statement, a sniper’s bullet rips through her head.


Cop Politics

Inspector Dillon tells Carlos that there’s a lot of pressure to put this Liber8 crap to rest. He wants him to find Kiera as he suspects she’s behind the vigilante antics at that building the other night.

Carlos meets with Kiera and she says she doesn’t want to get back in the game. She’s better off working outside the confines of the police department. He points out that she also doesn’t want to work under the scrutiny of Agent Gardiner. (Remember, Agent Gardiner saw Kiera use her suit to disappear in the finale, but Carlos doesn’t know that.)

Kiera agrees to help Carlos figure out who murdered the mayor. She questions whether or not the mayor had ties to The Corporations. Carlos says she was tough on gangs, but that doesn’t seem like their m.o. It had to be Liber8.

Sonya, You Got Some ‘Splainin’ To Do

Garza sees reports online that Travis is alive and recovering in a prison hospital. She says they need to organize a rescue. Sonya ain’t about that life! She asks Lucas how many cells they have operational. He says six: half political, half militant. Sonya orders everything shut down until the dust clears. Garza questions who died and made her boss? Uh, Kagame? Anyway, Sonya asserts her authority, which bothers Garza, and then orders Lucas to get her all the info he can on Travis’ security.

Meanwhile, Kiera uses her suit to scope out the crime scene where the mayor was killed. She’s confident she’ll find the killer if she gets the case files.

Continuum Carlos and Kiera

Also, Alec applies for a job at a electronics store, but the manager isn’t sure Alec is up for it. He obviously has no idea who he’s talking to.

Gardiner Sniffing Around

Agent Gardiner visits Inspector Dillon and asks about Kiera’s whereabouts. Dillon’s attitude is basically, “I don’t know and I wouldn’t tell you if I did.” Carlos asks Betty to get him all of the surveillance footage in the area from the shooting, even the cameras not pointed at the murder.

Alec is All Avoidy

Alec is still ducking Kiera’s calls and he’s shocked when his mom shows up at his friend’s house where a bunch of other young guys are staying. It’s basically looking like a stoner frat house. He tells her he can’t explain why he left so suddenly. She wants her boy back, but he points out that he’s not a boy anymore. He has to do this for himself, but doesn’t tell her what ‘this’ is. She leaves reluctantly.

When Alec goes back to his room, he realizes his police files are being accessed. “That bitch,” he says and rushes to the window. It wasn’t his mother, but Kiera using her suit to appear as such. She downloaded the case files while they were speaking. Ha!

Just Like Old Times

NOW he calls her back. Kiera says if he won’t work with her, she’ll work around him. She teases that she gave his system a virus, but admits that she really just uploaded camera footage she needed into her CMR. She also tells him he’s over thinking the message, but he maintains that if she got the message from her future self that he got from his, she’d be over thinking things, too. So, apparently she knows the message.

She reconstructs the exact moment of the crime using 360 degrees of all the footage available. Alec is impressed that this is how they solve murders in 2077. She points out that there are very few murders in 2077 and now Alec sees why. They’re able to pinpoint where the shot came from. “It’s nice to have you back, Alec.” “I’m not back; I’m just bored.” “Yeah, right.”

Kiera goes to the apartment where the shot was fired and is confronted by Agent Gardiner at gunpoint. He says he saw her survive the explosion and then disappear. Kiera actually tells him the truth about being a stranded time traveler because she knows he won’t believe her. Of course, he doesn’t. She tells him that the mayor was a distraction. Liber8 didn’t kill her, but someone really wants them to think that they did. When Carlos and the other cops arrive, Gardiner puts away his gun and tells Kiera that they’re not done before he leaves.

Kiera asks about a tattoo on one of the guys’ head that she stopped the other night. He’s a member of a gang. She wants to know who his rival gang is, who would be upset to learn that the gang was working with Liber8. Carlos tips her off to Mr. Wolford, who owns a few nightclubs and is the head of a crime syndicate. Kiera goes off to do her lone wolf thing and tells Carlos he’ll know when she has found something because she’ll send a signal.

“A giant bat projected in the sky?”



Ha! I love when Kiera doesn’t get the references.

Kiera Goes Snooping

Kiera goes sniffing around one of Wolford’s clubs and finds the gun used to kill the mayor. She calls Carlos, but is found by one of Wolford’s men. She accuses Wolford of killing the mayor because the shot was fired from his apartment, she’s bluffing, of course. Wolford’s right hand man knows this because there isn’t anything in the city that actually has Wolford’s name on it. Kiera realizes that Wolford is telling the truth, but he orders her killed anyway. As his men start to drag her out, she blurts out that the Coalition Kings  (the rival gang) are setting him up. He listens and it seems like they might actually work together until Carlos arrives with the calvary.

At the precinct, Wolford tries to lawyer up, but they inform him that his lawyer has been arrested on obstruction of justice charges. Wolford is led away, pissed that he’s been set-up.

Alec calls Kiera and says he’s been thinking about the future, the immediate future. She agrees to meet him after she finishes at the station.

Red Herring

Kiera tells Dillon and Carlos that they have to consider that Wolford didn’t do it. If not him, then who?

Jim Martin, Carlos’ friend who is running for mayor and in bed with Liber8, meets with Sonya to thank her for what they did. She says Garza was the one who pulled the trigger and they pinned it on Wolford. Martin doesn’t really want the details, but she insists that he have them. If he’s in, he needs to be all the way in.

Mingling In Jail

Travis enters the prison cafeteria and spots Julian, who is instantly worried that Travis means him harm. Travis assures him they are good and notes from the bruises on Julian’s face that it seems as if he could use protection anyway. Julian asks when Travis got there and Travis reveals that he’s been there for weeks, but recovering in the prison’s hospital. “Recovering from what?” “Sonya.”

The warden and Agent Gardiner are watching the exchange on the prison’s surveillance cameras. The warden thinks it’s a bad idea that the two are in the same prison much less allowed to mingle. Agent Gardiner says he needs info and he’s not going to let procedure get in the way of that.

A Dangerous Path

Alec and Kiera meet and they wonder if the message was truthful or manipulation. She asks him why he sent her back and he says he doesn’t know.

Uh. Didn’t he tell her in the season one finale that she wasn’t going to believe why he sent her back? Doesn’t that imply that he knew? I smell a plot hole.

Kiera gives him the piece of the time travel tech in the hopes that it can help him figure things out. As he leaves, Kiera wonders, “What are you up to, old man?”

Flash forward to the future and Alec is in his office. He’s leaving the message for his younger self. He tells him that he has gone down a dangerous path and he has taken the world with him. Only young Alec can change that. He then uploads something to Keira’s CMR and we see her react to it in bed, as we did in the show’s open.

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  1. Talking about this episode on a forum, it would seem that Kiera didn’t use her suit to impersonate Alec’s mom. She was invisible and used her visit to slip inside the house to hack into Alec’s computer.

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