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Continuum – S2E11 – Second Guess

Previously on Continuum, ‘Second Wave’ 

A series of cyber attacks caused by Lucas to get information causes a shitton of chaos. Betty side-eyes Dillon because they’re using the info made public to follow up on people with anti-police or Liber8 agendas. Meanwhile, Lucas is 100% crazy cakes because he’s now seeing Kagame, telling him what to do. Sonya is concerned because Lucas seems to have a plan that she’s not privy to. Someone FINALLY comes looking around for Gardiner. Dillon wants a full write up on the case Kiera was working on with Gardiner.

Matthew and Sonya realize that Lucas believes he’s working with the dead Kagame, and that’s a problem. When it’s revealed that there’s a connection between Pyron and the police department, a judicial review over all the convictions made by the department may be close behind.

Jim sets up Sonya by telling her he knows where Julian will be and then sets up Travis by telling him the same location is where Kiera will be, thinking she’s meeting Lucas. Kiera tries to warn Alec about the Arc program, but Matthew interjects and says it’s a good thing because it will keep private citizens aware of how their personal information is being viewed or if it’s being viewed.

Lucas is arrested and almost puts up a violent resistance until Kagame appears and tells him that’s not the way. Carlos looks the other way, literally, so that Kiera can remove future tech from the truck Lucas was working in. Jim’s plan totally backfires when instead of killing Sonya, Travis kisses her and they team up.

Continuum S2E10 Sonya and Travis

Video footage from Lucas’ truck reveals that Julian was talking to Lucas the whole time, making him think it was Kagame. Kiera and Carlos vow to bring him in, but they tell Dillon that will be easier if they have the public’s support. Dillon stays the time for coming clean with the public has passed. Now’s not the time for weakness.

Alec decides to destroy the last bit of info on the Arc program and allows Emily to do it, but she just pretends to. Jim wins the mayoral election. Meanwhile, Kiera brings Alec another piece they need to complete the machine that could send her home.

Continuum S2E10 Kiera and Alec

In the psychiatric hospital, Lucas sees everyone as Kagame, even when he’s in an empty room. Escher watches that and everything else going on in the city.

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