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Continuum – S2E12 – Second Last

Previously on Continuum, ‘Second Guess’

Escher tells Emily he’s letting her go after she brings him one last piece of tech from Alec’s lab.

Continuum S2E12 Emily and Escher

Matthew later threatens her with what he knows about her and Escher if she doesn’t convince Alec to reboot the Arc program. Emily tells Alec she has to leave town for a few months because her past is catching up with her. He decides to go with her, but as they’re about to leave, he finds out that there’s a 99.9% chance that Jason is his father. Before they can do anything about that, Travis arrives and grabs Emily.

Gardiner’s body is found in the trunk of his car in an alley.

Continuum S2E12 Gardiner Wallet

All the evidence points to Kiera as the murderer and Carlos gives her a heads up to run. Later, Dillon and others question Carlos about Kiera. If she doesn’t tell them what she knows, they will publicly declare Kiera Liber8 terrorist and charge him with obstructing justice. Carlos agrees to bring her in, but the feds place a tail on him anyway.

Travis wants Alec to repair his chip. Alec realizes that once he does that Travis will kill them both, even though Travis insists he won’t. Alec sends a surge through Travis’ system, which gives him and Emily a chance to run. Emily wants to know what is going on. Kiera shows up at the lab and finds it empty. She later threatens Matthew when she realizes he must have let Travis into the lab.

Continuum S2E12 Matthew

He tells her that Emily works for Escher and he’s now the common enemy. Alec calls Kiera from Emily’s phone and tells her they’re going somewhere safe with the device. Travis has the suit he took from Alec’s lab. Matthew calls Carlos and gives him a code where he is with Kiera and Carlos shakes his police tail. Alec tries to connect with Jason, who finally admits that he’s his father in his crazy way. Emily confesses that she was hired to get Arc away from him. She insists that she’s in love with him.

Kiera arrives and a whole bunch of info comes out: Matthew let Travis into the lab so that Travis could take the suit and use it against Escher. Kiera is from the future, Escher wants to sphere and Emily thinks they should destroy it so that Escher will leave them alone. Kiera begs to go back. Before they can do anything, the freelancers arrive. After an epic fight, Kiera has the device and Emily is killed.

Continuum S2E12 Emily DiesKiera goes back to the lab with the device while Alec goes to Piron to meet with Escher.

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