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Continuum – S2E13 – Second Time

Previously on Continuum, ‘Second Last’

In the future, Kiera tells her husband that she knows something is going to happen at the execution. He in turn reports his suspicion to his boss, who tells Alec. Alec says he’ll handle it himself. Alec does something to her CMR which causes her to wake up in the middle of the night in extreme pain. Her husband is suspicious. The next morning, it’s the day of the execution, and Kiera doesn’t recognize the data she was looking into the day before. Her husband covers saying it was his “work thing.”

Alec tells his people they will let the Liber8 team think their plan of escape is going to work so they can ferret out their accomplices. He also questions why the agent was killed and learns she had been approached by freelancers. He calls in Jason to deal with the threat.

Continuum S2E13 Young Jason

In the present, Alec confronts Escher about Emily. Escher says that he sent Emily to him to protect him. Alec holds him responsible for Emily’s death. Dillon wants Carlos to bring Kiera in, but he says she needs to feel like she has a safe place. Dillon assures him that she does. Kiera calls Carlos and he begs her to come in while Dillon traces the call, but Betty doesn’t get an exact location. Betty texts Sonya, Carlos sees this, and places a call to internal affairs. Kiera wants to make sure Alec is safe before she comes in.

Sonya and Travis confront Matthew wanting to know why Kiera, Alec, and Escher are meeting. He tells them that whoever took Garza is connected with Escher. They need to stop him from activating the device before he goes back in time and stop them from traveling.

Escher tells Alec that he’s his father. Whoa! Didn’t see that coming. Kiera arrives and Alec blames her for leaving Emily alone to die. Dillon’s men arrive to arrest Kiera and she tells him not to trust Escher, but he says Escher is family. And he will always blame Kiera. Always.

Continuum S2E12 Kiera ArrestedAs she’s being taken away, Alec talks to her via the CMR and tells her that he has her back and he’ll get her home. Carlos confronts Betty about being the mole and makes her get something out of evidence. He then punches out Dillon and helps Kiera escape. He leaves his gun and badge in his desk and leaves and Betty begs him to go back inside. He asks her to come with him. Dillon declares Kiera and Carlos public enemies.

Matthew tells Kiera she has to save Alec if she wants to go home. Alec realizes that Escher used to a freelancer. Kiera and Travis arrive at Piron at the same time and have a big fight, which Kiera seems to win. Sonya, Matthew, and Jason watch from the lab until Matthew feels likes he needs to go get Alec and the device. He meets Kiera and they head to the snit-matter lab together. Matthew says he’s going to go with her. They don’t have a lot of time before Escher figures out what they are up to. Alec warns that things may not turn out the way they expect. Just as Kiera thinks she’s going home, it turns out that Alec has betrayed her and Escher walks in with a gun.

In the future, we see the execution about to go down when the black freelancer tries to stop Jason. In the present, Alec activates the device to “save her” and disappears after the freelancers arrive. We’re taken back to how the season began and learn that the freelancers have trapped all the time travelers in cases. Carlos and Betty arrive at Julian’s house. And the police department is fully under Piron’s control.

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