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Continuum – S2E2 – Split Second

Continuum S2


Previously on Continuum, “Second Chances” 

Super Travis

We’re in the future as the episode opens. Travis has just been outfitted with the same kind of tech that Kiera has with her suit, except it’s via an injection Sonya has given him in the neck. In the next room, Sonya is instructed by a mysterious man to terminate the super soldier project and Travis. She’s clearly not happy with this, but goes into the room with Travis and gives him a new injection anyway. She kisses him and both the mystery man and Travis look confused. A tear rolls down her face as Travis asks if Sonya is okay.

Sonya is Busted

Lucas is monitoring all communications revolving around Travis and finds hospital surveillance footage that shows Travis and Sonya entering the closet in the hospital, and it shows Sonya walking out alone a few minutes later. He confronts her and Sonya convinces Lucas to keep quiet about what happened and not tell Garza.

Later, Garza is annoyed that they’re not doing more to bust Travis out of jail. Sonya assures her that she has a plan.

Let It Be

Kiera approaches Alec before he goes into his Best Buy-like job. She tells him he has to keep on the course that leads him to be the man he is in the future if she has any hope of going home. Problem is: Alec doesn’t trust his future self.

Agent Gardiner Won’t Let Go

Agent Gardiner ges his boss to pull some strings so that he’ll be able to continue investigating the mayor’s shooting, Liber8, and Kiera.

Prison Blues

A member of the Aryan Brotherhood approaches Julian and offers protection. Julian tells him he doesn’t need protection. Travis steps in and tells the guy to beat it. Travis tells Julian that he has a plan to get them out of jail so they can continue the work they started. When the Aryan returns with more men, Travis kills all six of them in a matter of seconds.


Travis Continuum

Dangerous Liaisons

No one is happy to learn that Agent Gardiner has been assigned to their Liber8 task force.

Best Buy Blues

Alec makes awesome upgrades to his job’s network, but his dickhead boss chews him out for his forward thinking and makes him change them back. Matthew approaches Alec with a job offer.

Later, Alec shows up at Matthew’s yacht. He wonders if maybe all of this wasn’t planned. Matthew admits that he figured out that Future Alec was behind sending them back in time.

All Apart of the Plan

When Lucas tells Sonya about Travis’ activities in jail and that he’s now being transferred, Sonya warns him it’s all apart of her plan.

Prison Break

Travis isn’t surprised to see that Kiera is going along on his prison transport. Carlos sits in the back of the van with Travis while Kiera rides up front with the driver. Travis taunts Carlos, accusing him of being complacent and a part of the problem that allows corporations to rule while everyone else remains a slave. He makes cryptic remarks about him and Kiera being time travelers which makes Carlos curious and Kiera nervous.

Meanwhile, a decoy convoy is attacked when Lucas sets off explosives on the roadside. The cops are shot at, but realize there’s an rifle set up to fire automatically. They’ve been set up. Inspector Dillon, Agent Gardiner, and Betty watch all of his via helmet and dashboard cams for a reason I can’t figure out. Betty tries to radio Carlos to warn him, but it’s not going through.

In the van, Travis gets one arm loose from the wall shackles just as a car pulls alongside them and fires. The driver is killed and Kiera takes the wheel. She manages to get away, but as Carlos and Travis fight, Travis is shot in the leg. Carlos gets Travis in a sleeper hold just as Kiera uses a remote to release some kind of sedative into Travis’ leg. A helicopter shows up and fires upon the van. Kiera ends up trapped in a tunnel with the helicopter at one opening and the men in the car at the other.

Back at VPD, Inspector Dillon realizes there’s a mole in their department.


Continuum Carlos and Kiera

Kiera and Carlos are shocked when the helicopter fires a missile that takes out the car behind them. Apparently, the helicopter crew isn’t working with the people in the car. They both want Travis, though. Kiera activates some kind of magnetic field around her and Carlos as they make a run for it. The people in the helicopter rescue Travis and brings him aboard. Travis is happy to see Garza in the helicopter. Lucas is not happy to see his crew in the car has been taken out.


Kiera Continuum

Sonya and Lucas realize that Garza betrayed them and took all of their weapons.

Of course, Gardiner accuses Kiera of planning the whole thing and Dillon tells him to go to hell.

Travis calls Sonya and tells her that she was right; they are running out of time.

Fed up with his job, Alec quits and joins Matthew aboard his yacht filled with booze and bitches.

Back to the Future

Back to when Sonya injected Travis, and we see that she didn’t kill him (obviously), but gave him something to keep him moving. She shoots the mystery man and warns Travis that they don’t have much time.



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